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EAST SYDNEY PRIVATE HOSPITAL - One of Sydney's newest private hospitals conveniently located on the fringe of Sydney City. Easy access and abundant parking

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  • Mike - Impossible to clean

    Bought two set, one for my Pick Up and one for my Mustang. The order form asked what cars they were going in. The Mustang set didn't fit (no hole) and are really hard to clean and the pick up set fits good but are impossible to clean. Always dirt left even using a power washer. I would have been better of with a cheap set for $20 instead of over a $100.00. Oh well live and learn.

  • Theresa H. - Hair Essentials not a miracle cure, but it helps

    It does help with hair loss and it slows, down than stops that excessive loss (you know the one where you look into the tub after a shower and want to cry because there is so much hair there). I didn't know I had new hair growth, even though my beautiatian said she thought my hair felt thicker to her and my natural curl was coming back. My nails were finally growing again and thicker. Unfortunately I stopped taking it for two months to see if it really had worked (very dumb idea). Well for me it does because my hair started falling out after two weeks, became visably noticable to me and my family that it was thinner after a month and a half. My beautiatian noticed it was not as healthy and thinner at my hair appointment, she was quite dissappointed I had stopped taking it and suggested I go back on it.

  • Thomas Turner - Do Not Waste your time.

    If you have a lot of edging along curbs and sidewalks. This machine is a piece of trash. It is to light to cut anything along the sidewalks, but around the house and fence it is ok. The batteries will not keep a charge very long. Use it about 30 minutes, it is dead. Going back to my gas powered. More reliable.

  • kwiklip - Good Machine for the Price

    I just got this machine, which is my first new machine, even though I have been sewing for 20+ years. I inheirited an ancient Montgomery Ward single-stitch machine that worked its way down through my family. There was a mishap with it being dropped and I didn't repair it, because I was just over it. I finally treated myself to this machine, and I am glad I did. It is fairly basic, but that makes it easy to understand. As a novice, I don't need many complicated functions, just a machine that works well and is heavy-duty enough to handle some beginning quilting. I am on my 3rd project (did 2 throw pillows and now making a baby quilt) and so far, I love it. I am not noticing the problems I have been reading about in other reviews. The hassle with threading, which was touched upon twice that I saw, isn't really that hard. It is clearly illustrated in the book and just takes some getting used to. I do know that the needle doesn't become unthreaded easily like on my old machine, probably because it is held in place more securely. I have played with the various stitches and with the buttonholer, and I am satisfied with it. Inserting and threading the bobbin is a breeze, and the bobbin cover is clear plastic, so you can easily see when you are getting low on thread. It has handled multi-layers okay, but did struggle with the rubber-backed terry cloth pillow case I altered. It got hung up on the rubber and puckered a bit. I have since ordered a walking foot from eBay, which will take care of that problem in the future.

  • Mitch BK - Very pleased

    Just got this car in early July. I opted for the eyesight system package, but the nice thing is that with this package there are almost no other options you can buy. I think the exterior and interior finishes are the best in the market for the price. I would compare them to that of cars costing $10,000 to $15,000 more. I have driven it about 5,000 miles in two months, including a 2,000 mile round trip. I found that the 4 cylinder offered plenty of power, although not much "OOMPH", but the gas milage was outstanding, averaging 26 miles per gallon since I had it and nearly 29 miles per gallon on the highway. It is quiet and you do not get much road feel. The seats and steering wheel are very adjustable and the dash controls and sound system are excellent, offering all of the features I was looking for. It has a roomy feel and the back seats are very comfortable and even recline. My wife has a fully loaded top model Mazda CX5 which is a nice car, but it feels much less luxurious and more cramped that the Outback, particularly in the rear seats. The eyesight system seems to work, perhaps delivering a few too many warnings, but, obviously, it is no substitute for being an alert driver. Although it has roof racks, the car is a bit tall and I would recommend getting a decent hitch for things like bicycle racks as lifting things onto the roof is not really that easy and you do not want to risk scratching the car. In addition to the rear cargo floor liner, you can get Subaru liners for the back of the rear seats which is useful if you carry things that may dirty up the back. My dealer fitted what I had heard about Subaru dealers, which is that are straightforward, knowledgable about the products and do not jerk you around.