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  • Andy Lusk - best i have ever used

    amazing stuff, makes your grass super green and healthy. some smell for the first couple days but then goes away.

  • Matthew Mansell - You will need to carefully pack the carrier with heavy items to avoid noise- it sounded like a herd of angry yellow jackets duri

    One of the tie down buckles broke during our trip from Ohio to Montreal, only half way through the trip. The carrier was also not rain-proof- though we did experience very heavy rain. This did get our luggage from point A to point B even with the broken tie down (we were able to otherwise secure it) which is why I did not give only 1 star. You will need to carefully pack the carrier with heavy items to avoid noise- it sounded like a herd of angry yellow jackets during our first leg of the trip- we solved this by placing heavier items in the carrier and making sure the carrier was completely full. We still had some noise on the trip home- but nothing unmanageable. I would consider buying again (we returned due to the defect) if they can make sure it will actually stay rain-proof and the tie down buckles are secure.

  • Xuewei Xu - If I could, I would give the FreedomPop 0 ...

    If I could, I would give the FreedomPop 0 star. My story is, purchased the device directly from FreedomPop. After two weeks, I received a totally different device with A LOT of scratches on it. Apparently the device was returned by others who already used for months! The Freedompop refused to refund me the return shipping, even it is their fault! Also, dealing with them is just time-consuming. I spent so much time on phone call and email communication. Be aware!

  • chella - awesome treatment for the dreaded dark circles!

    I'm 29 years old, I have very fair skin, and I inherited really dark puffy circles under my eyes from my lovely and wonderful mother. I've tried a lot of eye creams, and most of them have been in the same price range as the Murad Resurgence. Some work better than others for me, but this one is far and away the best. I've been using it for about two weeks now, and I already notice that the skin around my eyes is much lighter and firmer.

  • Holly - Very pleased

    This is a great resource! I continue to use it for answering all kinds of test questions. It can almost be applied to any test, {the formula} not just nursing.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Probably the best version of PES I've played. The physics engine is much better than previous editions.

  • Kurt - Beware!

    Did not live up to the hype. Not only did it not "slow" my flow, but it lasted 3x as long as usual when I tried this. Threw away the rest of the bottle with a few choice words. Buyer beware!