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Elkins Pharma - Elkins Pharma - is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Anti biotic tablets , anti biotic capsule, anti biotic syrups from Anand, Gujarat, India. A dedicated team of technical professionals with extensive experience in Pharma industry are committed to produce formulations with stringent quality standards. Offering formulation and analytical development, for new drugs being developed to required specifications. Focused on attaining a unique position to serve the ever- growing needs of the pharmaceutical industry globally.The company is focused to provide stringent quality and compliance with all statutory requirements of WHO-GMP, environmental protection and safety.To meet the oncoming challenges of the markets, the company has launched massive program for better across the globe representation including strategic alliances and concentrating on the domestic and export market with prime concerns.The company develops and markets innovative products and delivers total quality products at competitive prices for a faster penetration and sustenance.

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  • MrsPriss - Better then Antidepressants.

    I only have one adrenal gland due to one being removed at age 17 when I had Cushings Disease. The loss of one adrenal has not affected me much until I started having children. I became fearful, extremely low energy, and severe fatigue to the point that I had to go to a Doctor and do blood tests. The tests never show much abnormality, and I am sent home with a Vit B shot, or a sympathetic pat on the back. 11 years, and 5 children later, I was now struggling with severe depression, and so fatigued, I found myself sleeping until almost lunch every day, and no matter what I did, I could not budge my weight for years!! I am not very overweight, only about 15 lbs. I made lifestyle changes that helped. Joined a gym, work out for 2 hours every other day, educated myself and changed my diet to clean, unprocessed food, plenty of food and vegetables, started taking B vitamins, and a quality magnesium . This all helped, however I still had no energy until the afternoon. I reluctantly tried a sample packet of Thrive for 3 days. I only took one pill, and half a shake the first day. Within 30 minutes I started feeling energetic and strong. By mid afternoon I felt a little shaky because I forgot to eat until afternoon. I am now on day 5 and my energy is consistent. I don't feel high on caffeine, I feel energetic and capable. I am so happy. I feel like I did on antidepressents without the zombie part of the feeling.

  • Robert e. Lee jr. - It gets my top rating, but you probably won't watch it repeatedly...

    A natural replacement for those who were stuck watching "The Day After Tomorrow" over and over again...good story/plot and lots of action going on. But it is not a film you will repeatedly watch. Once you've seen it, the entertainment value drops each time thereafter...

  • montymom - Fast read, poor title and characters.

    Yes, it's a page turner. But I have to agree with some of the other negative comments. First, the title. Huh? It sounds like a hundred other titles and makes no sense. Second, the ending. Huh? Or rather, why? The characters are unlikable. And I saw all of the twists coming, but it's a fast read, which I guess is good.

  • Playboy - Online based ways of acquiring financial freedom

    Nowadays incoming through online is just not an imagination or something hard to do, rather with the help of this book you will be able to receive several recurring paychecks for work you completed a month ago, a year ago, and even several years ago. This book gathered a list of online based platforms or business plans with details for you to choose for making passive income. Being wise in your decisions and handling the hard work upfront, it is quite possible for you to continue reaping the benefits of your labor month after month instead of getting paid a measly, one-time hourly rate. I think it is the best opportunity to break the nine-to-five cycle and achieve financial freedom.

  • Great Dane Mom - LOVE this tea!

    The taste may not be to your liking if you dislike licorice but I think it's worth it! I think the strongest flavor is cardamom which I love! I have this after eating a meal that doesn't sit well and I feel the improvement in my digestion almost instantly. It is cooling so I can even drink it in the summer. I make sure I have a bag with me at all times!

  • Amazon Customer - One of the protectors had air bubble in it. ...

    One of the protectors had air bubble in it. Initially when i installed it i thought it was a dust particle but after i removed the protector from screen, tried to clean and then carefully examined, found out it was kinda tiny bubble inside.

  • Lasers - Not just for babies

    Great for dry skin! I usually get body washes and shampoos that are meant for kids, because they have less chemicals in them. It's lightly scented, the smell reminds me of my little ponies from the 80s.