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The North Face Endurance Challenge Costa Rica 2016 - The North Face® Endurance Challenge Costa Rica 2016 es una carrera de resistencia a campo traviesa que unirá el deporte con el turismo. Esta carrera es parte de un circuito internacional organizado por The North Face y que busca promover la actividad física en la naturaleza de forma segura y responsable, aplicando la filosofía del mínimo impacto, y también fomentar la práctica del trail running o uso de senderos de montaña para correr.

Country:, North America, US

City: -83.2307 Michigan, United States

  • Rob Drewry - Very Pleased! (Updated 08/05/2011)

    I'm not sure what the issues are of those who have written their reviews about what a poor product this is. I installed mine yesterday to accompany my new installation of Comcast broadband internet, replacing my AT&T U-verse. I didn't want to pay modem leasing fees where I could avoid them. As was pointed out by others, why buy a modem AND router for more money when this will do the trick for my small set-up?

  • Ericka McFee - LOVE this seat!

    The colors are so cute and it is super easy to instal with the seat belt rear facing. I have not tried latch. Very cozy and padded. I like how the shoulder pads apply cushion for the chest clip. It does take up a lot of front to back room all the way reclined but we have a Tahoe and its fine. My daughter likes to be more reclined too. Recline 2 is very upright for rear facing and does install properly in my car anyways. The head rest is a little hard to move up and down. I like that it has a pocket in the cover for the manual and for the extra shoulder pads.

  • Rose Marie Starce - Great Documentary

    It's too bad the few people who are in a position to nominate this documentary for any awards don't agree with the content. Truth can be difficult for some people. Millions watched it and learned, unfortuneately, the people who should have watched and learned didn't take the time to invest an interest in America's future. The documentary didn't change our current state of affairs, however, it still is worth your time to learn why our country is where it is today.

  • Tiffany Topping - A great, travel-friendly pet carrier.

    We have two kitties who come on any trips with us that may last overnight. Up until now, we have had one pet carrier that is a pop-up canvas material, and another that is an older style plastic one. We have been wanting to upgrade to a bit of a nicer carrier for a long time, so I was excited when I saw this one.

  • Ronny - Perfect for my 4 year old !

    I started using this on the recommendation of my son's pediatrician as well as seeing the high ratings on amazon. My kid used to fall sick with cold/cough/fever once in a couple of months before I started using this, we can see that the frequency of that has decreased dramatically after using this product. It could be a bit of coincidence but it does not hurt since my kid loves his gummy bears every day.

  • J & A Ratzlaff - Growing eye lashes

    I have been wanting to grow my eyelashes longer I have short ones even my eight year old has longer lashes than I do

  • Sergey Evangelista - Missing some features of ps and xbox.

    Doesn't have the "Practice moves" training like the xbox or ps version, so you just kind of have to figure it out as you go.