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  • Albert Goins - Better sleep for both my husband and for me!!

    I ordered this as I thought my husband was developing sleep apnea. He doesn't want to get a sleep study but was willing to try this product. I ordered him a medium and I was pleasantly surprised that it stopped most of his snoring. I am getting much better sleep thanks to this product and so is my husband! He reports only waking once a night at most to go to the bathroom rather than 3-5 times nightly. This makes us both more rested and vibrant each AM. The only thing that has come out is that the strap has stretched some and that makes it tug at the bottom of his ears. In the AM it has caused a mild redness under his earlobe. He has to stretch the velcro area all the ay across making the strap as small as possible .

  • Christy Haupt - After being on this for 20 days, my half ...

    After being on this for 20 days, my half moons on my nails are coming back, my eyes don't need drops anymore, my legs don't buzz, and I don't feel the need for a coffee to clear the "fog" if you know what I mean... This works!!!