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  • Nicole - Does Not Work As Advertised

    I purchased this product almost a month ago. I have had a support ticket open since the day I bought it and is still unresolved! I cannot use the mobile app and it will not connect to my bank for automatic updates. I get "Unexpected Error, Not your fault". I have been told by customer service that they are working on it, but the issue on their help webpage says it has been going on since April of 2013! I would never have bought this if the mobile part was not functional. Horrible customer service, Intuit.

  • John C. procida - long time and very satisfied with this version although it might be dragging down ...

    Have used McAfee for a long, long time and very satisfied with this version although it might be dragging down performance on all devices. Can't tell for sure just yet. It is installed on 5 PCs, 2 phones and 2 android pads.

  • A Customer - So Disappointed!

    I don't know if I received a different version of the book than other reviewers, but my version is bad. Zero illustrations. Everything black and white. AND the vast majority of the fables do NOT have a moral. It is the moral that makes it a fable! I was very disappointed and certainly would never have ordered this book had I known. My son didn't like it either--and he loves fable books. This book hit the trash.

  • Gret - Costumer service is awful

    I ordered proactive a few months ago. It worked for me, but I did not know that I would keep receiving it every 6 weeks. I cancelled it and kept receiving. I cancelled it because I do not have the money for it and I cannot use their products because I am pregnant. They are refunding those packages but they wont pay for the shipment. I also found another version of Proactive at Walmart that might not be the same quality, but worked as well. I will NOT recommend Proactive to anyone. The costumer service lady was very rude.

  • Maurice Barkley - A must for your roof

    I'm a long time user of this product. I have a shingle roof which is subject to moss and fungus. My roof is absolutely free of all of it.