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  • Julia DeLong - Pretty good

    Not every recipe seems like it belongs here. It tells you how to make bacon and other simple things. I mean that's okay for beginners and stuff but this cook book doesn't seem like it's for beginners. Also if it were to include recipes like that I feel like it should include difficulty ratings on the recipes.

  • R. A. White - not sure about it

    after 3 weeks of using it my sugar jumped and blood pressure went up so stopped using for a week all went back to normal on Monday i'll start taking it again and see if same thing happens if so I will not take this product.

  • Joffrey Mabuma - Fantastic well built product for a fraction of the price of a go pro..

    This camera is simply unbelievable. The price is fantastic and quality of recordings are staggering to say the least. If you want to waste money on a go pro 4 by all means but your money will be well and truly wasted. The quality of build is second to none. If you are looking for an action cam this overules go pro by a million miles. You won't be disappointed. Quite staggering..