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  • Teri Blount - THRILLED to have found this on Amazon!

    I've paid premium price for too many years to Intuit for their "automatic renewal" service for the same product. As we've minimized our business over the past few years we're down to one employee and the expense for the program was excessive until I found this option on Amazon (thanks to my son!) I'm very happy and will be back for the updates right here rather than purchasing from Intuit in the future.

  • jvcota213 - Good product

    I ordered this product to use on my vehicle that has a high mileage. I will be pouring it in soon, but I am confident it works because I have used it in the past. I am very happy because I got it for a lot cheaper than Autozone and Pep Boys. I received it in 2 days and now I will use it.

  • hwatts - It has the opposite effect on me!

    I have eczema and sensitive/dry skin in general and I was excited to try this product from Aveeno because I love their lotions. This cream dries out my face. :-( I guess I'm special in that it just doesn't work for me.