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  • Drew Stimmel - BadA*S

    How rad is this thing?! Blows the stock antenna out of the water. I have noticed little to no loss of reception, only in parking garages and under longer tunnels and bridges. Overall, hell yes! BUY IT!

  • Sergio - Nice and clean easy to install

    They look good, easy to install, light and strong up to 70 Kg of load,I thing it fit in the trunk in case you don't want to use it all the time.

  • D. AVERY - Easy & Comprehensive

    We have investments and rental property that we track in QuickBooks Pro 2016. It makes it easy to import from existing bank accounts and easy to export to TurboTax when that time arrives every year. Comprehensive in that almost every business report that you need is just a few mouse clicks away.

  • Elizabeth Rogers - Worked fine for me

    What Amazon has here worked fine for me. I had the most recent software version installed on my PC for the trial version. Fortunately I saw this deal before I forked over 80.00 to Norton for renewal. Bought the download version, got my code, and had my Norton 360 activated in less than 2 minutes.

  • joannapalazzo - arthri d3 is tha best product i ever had

    I have been taking it for years and it really helps you know when I don t take it wow everything hurts but with it I function very very well I work and I am a nurse with working every day. thank the lord for this product thank you Joanna palazzo

  • CindyC - You want this one.

    I am a seamstress, with an online shop where I sell my handmade items. My Janome Heavy Duty machine's bobblin mechanism broke...just looooove plastic parts....and I am trying to get my inventory up for the busy Christmas season. It would cost as much to get mt Janome fixed as this Singer machine costs, and with Amazon Prime the Singer got here within 48 hours. I have been sewing like a fiend since I got thus machine four days ago, and must say I am impressed with this machine's performance. It is VERY fast, which I love, because that cuts my production time for each item, and time IS money, particularly when you are self-employed! Plus, the items that I make have some parts that can have five or six layers of cloth, and Singer zipped through them like buttah. The ease of use with features like needle position, stitch width and pattern, etc. makes switching in mid-seam a breeze. I got this machine originally as a back up and was going to get my Janome repaired, but I think this Singer has earned my trust to be numero uno, and Janome can be the back-up. Granted, I have only had it four days (though I have made eight garmets in those four days), so if things change, I will come post an update...but for now, and hopefully forever, Singer Heavy Duty High Speed has earned five stars!

  • Charles K. Summers - Short stories can give you a novel's worth of enjoyment

    Short stories, by their very definition, have to put the needed parts into only a few pages. This means the possibility of a condensed amount of pleasure in a small amount of time -- and that is what you get with these stories.