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  • MR O - It ok but not the best nor a solution for me

    I guess the product is good but it has extremely potent smell to it and it did stain my car interior so I cannot recommend this to people who intend to use it inside of there cars - it does state on the Can itself that you should try out a test area to see if this product will or will not stain what you up to cleaning

  • apodtoo - Nutritious, Toddler-Approved, but WAY too much sugar

    For awhile, especially when sick, my 20-month-old was NOT in the mood for eating, so I bought Pedia-Sure to make sure he was getting some nutrition to help get him through his illness. He loves the taste and drinks it all without hesitation, and I guess I'm pleased that he's getting the nutrition it provides, but WHOA on the 18 grams of sugar! I don't really allow my kids to have a lot of sugar - a few graham cookies as an afternoon snack coupled with diluted juice is all I really allow - and I definitely noticed a change in him after drinking a PediaSure. He was bouncing off the walls! This is something I really only save for during an illness. I definitely wouldn't recommend it being part of a daily nutrition regimen. There are a lot of other dietary supplements that will provide the vitamins without all the sugar - try BRAT Organics for starters.

  • KennethF - BE QUIET When You're Not Lost !!!

    I bought five mynt's so far, four as gifts and one for myself, and I'm regretting it. The concept is nice but the software needs better documentation and finer control over the features (unless it's already there and I can't find it ... see comment about documentation). I have the same problem as other reviewers -- my Mynt beeps at the wrong time!!! I only want the Mynt to beep when I'm looking for it, with the app sending out the "turn on your beep now" commands. I don't want my Mynt beeping when it loses connection to the phone. EVER!!! I don't see a way of disabling the "beep when alone" feature .. so I can't leave my keys by my bed if I go downstairs for a midnight snack, as it'll wake my wife. I can't go for a morning run unless I take my keys, leaving them behind wakes my wife. I also bought her two Mynts, but they also beep at the wrong times. She wants to throw all three in the trash.

  • extra - Always spot on info

    I almost didn't buy it, because the only areas we went to in Italy were Venice and the Dolomites, and there's a wealth of info about Venice... all I really needed there was a map to explore! But the Dolomites... as usual, Rick Steves gives extensive information about the areas he and his group cover, right down to where the laundromats are. The buses in the Bolzano/Seis/Castelrotto region were confusing to me going in, and the book really made it clear. Wish I'd just gone ahead and bought every book of his (for the places on our trip) to begin with!