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  • T. Alba - Very nice little slide

    I bought this slide for my then 21-month old. She really didn't start using it until about 23 months--she's small for her age, and a bit cautious--but she really enjoys it now. The slide is very easy to put together (five minutes) and extremely sturdy even though quite light. So far we have had no problems with it whatsoever. I think it will last for years. The reason I chose this one was that the slide is a bit longer and less steep than the Little Tikes and Step 2 slides, the steps are nicely inclined (not vertical), and there's no giant drop-off at the end. The only issue with it is that the space at the top of the slide between the blue handles where the child sits down is small, only 10 inches wide. My child is little, so it's fine, but that might be a tight fit for some children.

  • Scott T. Allan - Detailed and colorful reviews of many top colleges

    This is really helpful for our daughter (junior in high school) who is frustrated wanting to go to college but uncertain as to where or to study what. The insights from actual students are included in a way that helps you understand the differences between the schools as an outsider.

  • mailorder - Nero 2012 Platinum customer

    I haven't tried this version, the reason I automatically gave it a bad review is the following. I bought Nero in the past. I got the 2012 Platinum version. I have redone my pc several times. I went to reinstall so I could watch a movie with my kids and got a message that my legit product key activation failed. They limit you, even though it says that the software never expires. So now I have to wait to see if I will even get a response and can't watch the movie with the kids because of their poorly designed activation setup. I would like to know if they still use the same system for activation. The only thing I get is an option to upgrade to 2016 or contact Technical Support. It also says they no longer support legacy products, so where does that leave me? I am not paying you more money Nero, you can forget it. I will find a company that is loyal to existing customers. Buyer be ware, you might think you have a lasting product because it says it never expires, but they can remotely disable your software, even if you did nothing wrong.

  • Praiser - This is great to carry in your pocketbook

    This is great to carry in your pocketbook. So when you use the lavatory when you go out, you just spray this and you leave a nice smelling fragrance behind yourself. I was always taught that whenever you go into anyone's lavatory make sure you leave it clean and smelling nice because this speaks well of you. That's my upbringing and this spray helps me to follow through with my upbringing. Thank you amazon for having this poo-pourri spray. Great, just stick it in your pocketbook.

  • Amazon Customer - It's A Tight Fit

    Great looking product. You get what you pay for though. The stock grill fits perfectly in place. This was a little tight and almost didn't line up. But it's been about a month know and hasn't fallen off yet!

  • Emily W. Mobilia - Very happy with Whites!

    This is a great detector that is easy to use! I recommend it for any level of detecting. I use mine in the woods, fields and at the beach. I have never had a problem with my machine. It was important for me to purchase a Whites because Whites is reputable, their detectors are well built and they are made in the USA. I started metal detecting with my father when I was a kid. He has one of the original coinmasters and even though it his "vintage", it still works great! Thank you Whites for making great machines!

  • Diana Johnson - ... in my bath water and I had a really bad reaction to the back of my knee's

    I put this frankincense oil in my bath water and I had a really bad reaction to the back of my knee's. I don't know if I put too much or it was this brand of frankincense oil. I've used frankincense oil before and this has never happened to me. This frankincense oil seems a bit harsh in my opinion.