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  • Reflection Haiku - Bring Aesop Home

    This dazzling Classic Edition of AESOP'S FABLE has my initial concern that the advanced choice of compound words may be too difficult for my young children - but it quickly evaporated as they, intrigued by Aesop's unique fable power, struggled to pronounce them, asked about their meanings and moved on to figure out what had happened and what did the moral say. Through the process, the reservoir of their vocabularies is expanding and these memorable lessons imprint in their minds. The Frog and the Ox. The Wind and the Sun. The Fox and the Grapes. 53 Aesop's best fables were accompanied with magnificently artworks done by distinguished illustrators such as Charles Bennett, Milo Winter and Percy Billinghurst. Bring Aesop home and the kids will be naturally attracted to read about those silly (or wise) animals that act just like real human beings.

  • P.C., NY - Poor Customer Service

    I would love to be able to say that my NorticTrack is just what I hoped it would be BUT my elliptical never worked. After plugging it in and turning it on, it just zapped out. I called customer service and they offered to send out a tech. Sounds great, right?? But when the tech got here (a week later), he wasn't equipped with the necessary replacement parts to get my machine, and me, running (pun intended). I called customer service again and they offered me a power strip for my troubles. Really??? I spend a $1000 and have a giant dust collector in my home. I could have used that money on a 5 year gym membership.

  • ConedogersDotCom - This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you ...

    This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you need to use the older IPhone connector. The device worked well for about a month of taking daily measurements, but then started to get a little flaky. Sometimes the monitor fails to connect to the IOS device, other times it doesn't take accurate measurements which requires you to take several readings before you get repeatable results.