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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Mike Chelette - Not everything is best to buy online

    After receiving and assembling this bike and going on two short road trips, I wound up taking it to the local bike shop and spending $162 on a "tune up" and bike fitting. Money well spent, but had I realized that, I would have just bought a bike from them where I could ride before I buy, not have to assemble and the shop would have it tuned before I took possession. Assembling bikes is easy, but I found that adjusting derailleurs are not so easy. However, even with the $162 spent, I probably got a better deal on this bike than I would have from a bike shop.

  • Dalton B - Not the usual Slam-Dunk Album

    Did not meet expectations. As a long time fan and lover of them, I was hoping for the usual out of the water OneRepublic slam dunks, that had meaning and even could bring me to tears. but this wasnt it. its still got most of their usual feel, but even on my first listen i was surprisingly underwhelmed. they aren't bad songs in any way, but most of the album just feels SAFE. right in the middle of the spectrum not new pop, but too far from their original sound

  • rsdk - Worked great for me!

    I was having to top off my power steering fluid every couple of days, so took my 1995 Camry to my mechanic. He told me I needed to have the rack replaced at a cost of about $700. I put it off, then found this product when picking up some power steering fluid. I was skeptical, but tried it. The bottle I bought was I think 24 ounces instead of the 12-oz bottle I see here on Amazon. I didn't siphon out the previous fluid before using it, but my reservoir was nearly empty. The leak slowed in the weeks ahead, but because it still leaked I thought eventually I would have to pay for the repair. But then, coincidently after I drained the last of the bottle, the leak stopped--I haven't had to add any fluid for over 9 months now. I am frankly amazed that this product actually worked, saving me a great deal of money.