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  • Amy F - Great for iron and energy

    I love these things. They were at first a bit hard to swallow but they stick to your mouth but have zero flavor so do not gag me. We are trying to convince, - I believe I am pregnant but it's not reading as positive on a home test but it's early and our tests aren't the best- and I have extremely low iron levels lately so these are helping immensely! I can tell within a few hours I have more energy and I'm not super tired. I found its better to take these in the mornings because they do have a b12 (creates energy!) supplement in them. They help me get through the day! You do take two per day according to the bottle so this is a good 45 day supply.

  • AndyB - Rip off

    I bought this 12 months ago. Today when I started my PC I got a message that said there was some kind of error and directed me to a Microsoft site to repair. Yes it was a genuine MS site and not bogus. I was required to run a "Fix It" program, and the supporting text said that the "fix it" would un-install the software and then I could re-install it. And yes indeed the "fix it" did un-install - but when it came to re-install the programme said that I did not have a valid licence. So basically I now have to buy it again if I want it. What a set of bandits! Buy it and then 12 months later you have to buy it again!!!

  • lili - it stops the oil leak and stops the clicking sound and makes the car run smooth- the stuff is amazing. Worth every penny for the

    The stuff is magic in a bottle. We have an old Volvo with high miles that took a beating back with it's previous owner... it stops the oil leak and stops the clicking sound and makes the car run smooth- the stuff is amazing. Worth every penny for the longevity that it ensures.

  • Brian Rader - I absolutely love this click and pawl reel

    I recently purchased a 3/4 drift reel from Redington in February 2015. I absolutely love this click and pawl reel! I chose the titanium, and the quality and durability of this reel for $100.00 just cant be beat! I loved it so much, I bought another drift reel in a 5/6 for my Redington 5wt fly rod.

  • curt wilken - Men stay away from this product!

    This product contains a lot of soy. Soy contains isoflavones and are a naturally occuring plant ESTROGENs in soy protein. These estrogens can mess with your hormone levels. There are also enzymes in soy that act as anti nutrients and can block the absorption of amino acids. I took this stuff for a week before I had a terrible side effect. It made it hard to breath at night during sleep and I took it in the morning. I highly doubt that this product supplements 8+ veggies and herbs. The scoop is itty bitty. I did not feel more energy, so I will throw the rest out. The taste wasn't bad and I didn't really feel or see any signs of detoxification. I have been working out all my life and try new things once in a while. Lately I have been very disappointed by what is being sold out there. Men should stay away from this product. Use of this product could lead to man boobs.