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  • Robert Wynkoop - It will give you hope and confidence

    I distinctly remember listening to a review of Parachute on the radio while in my car driving and saying to myself, "I need to buy this book." But good intentions have a way of not being put into action. It was years later when faced with a midlife career change and not knowing what I was going to do that my brother reminded me of this book.

  • Donna Holstine Vander Valk - Don't be a statistic

    I'm writing from San Francisco, where the Orogold store is "conveniently" located in front of the cable car stop. They employ good looking young people with foreign accents to hand out samples. I, unthinkingly, took one. Then the con was on. He literally harassed me at the stop, guessing my age (he was right - you should have seen the horror on his face - after all, I was supposed to be 5 years older, right?). He then tried to get me in the store. No way. I ended up hailing a cab just to get away. Btw, do check out the review history of the five star reviews: they're reviewing many of the same products, and in one case, ALL of them reviewed the same (other) product in addition to Orogold.

  • H. Wang - Difficult to install, slow to use.

    I never has such a painful experience in software installation. The steps of the installation are so long that I start to suspect problems with the CD. Everything is broken up so I have to install each application as an individual installation. The installer gets stuck on every section and I have to force a close through task manager.

  • SunChief - Uneven Distribution of Substance?

    Ordered this a while back, and have used it on/off on days I skip working out to try and cut down a little.

  • Elizabeth - Totally changed my period

    It was about 6 years ago that my "visits from Aunt Flow" changed from highly irregular - like every 2-3 months - relatively light and didn't last that long, to very regular and have been increasingly heavy. In the last couple years, it's been so bad I would soak through a super Stay Free in an hour, I'd put a puppy pad down in my bathroom so it wouldn't look like a crime scene just getting in and out of the shower, and it would stay that way for 3-4 days. I found Shepherd's Purse and it helped a lot for a while, then kind of stopped doing much, maybe shave a day off the super heavy stuff. So I came back to Amazon and stumbled upon this and thought I'd try it. This is now the 2nd period I've been using this, and it has helped immensely. I take the maximum dosage - 3 capsules 2x a day - which I start at the first sign, and it's much, much lighter and manageable. Haven't even had cramps either time. Went from changing pads about 6 times during the work day to once about lunch time. Not worrying about leakage. Maybe next month I'll even trust it enough to not put down a preventative puppy pad! Just signed up for subscribe & save, hopefully I won't have the same experience as I did with Shepherd's Purse and have it stop working. So far, it's been amazing.

  • "mpbsempre" - Why not buy Office for the same price?

    Why does anyone buy Microsoft Word when Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint...) is available for the same price? I bought this product thinking I was upgrading Microsoft Office 2007, and now find that I can't use Excel or Powerpoint. OK, maybe I am a newbie, but why does anyone purchase just Word? Feeling very ripped off....