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  • Phillip Kamm - Does the job well--awful user interface

    Have used Acronis True Image for around 7 years now. Always was happy with the way it worked and how it saved the day on more than 1 occasion. This latest version, however, has taken a major step back in ease of use. The user interface appears to have been designed strictly to please the personal esthetic idiosyncrasies of the software designer. And the worst insult is the elimination of any kind of readily accessible activity log. Say you get distracted and accidentally close the backup process window before confirming that a backup completed successfully--no history is there to be had! You have to go deep into the innards of your computer's file system to find an activity log, which is an XML document, and wade through thousands of meaningless characters to find the 10-20 words of practical information you need (something like "Operation completed successfully at xx:xx on mm/dd/yy.") Lets hope that Acronis will revert to the more user-friendly interface of yore in the next version!

  • Debra - Perfect!

    I love the Aervana. It does exactly what it is supposed to. It's very easy to use and to clean up. It runs quietly and smoothly. Looking forward to using it with many bottles in the future.

  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Tender, healthy jerky alternative

    This is delicious! The description is pretty spot-on, with it being a combo of prosciutto and beef jerky. Very tender meat with a subtle flavor. I like knowing it's grass-fed meet, too. Smaller bag than what I anticipated, but comparable to regular jerky bags. I like that this seems to be a healthier jerky option.