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  • Happy coffee - A very good focus booster

    I have ordered this product twice. I found it worked quite well. I have been checking out focus formulas as I am writing a book and am looking for the proper combination to help me focus on my writing and stay focused. I felt that this product performed well. I typically take it first thing in the morning when I get to the office and in the mid afternoon to keep me focused through out the day. I am pleased with the results and would certainly order again.

  • toddg - Phantom of the Jesus

    Too much opera, not enough rock. When I bought this recording, I expected to hear Jesus Christ Superstar, not Phantom of the Opera! Gone are Ian Gillan's dynamics, from sweet, soft, tender, vocals to intense, high-pitched, screaming vibratos. Replaced instead with someone who would be better served playing the role of "Cherubino" in the Marriage of Figaro. Murray Head, while perhaps not the worlds best vocalist, brought passion and a lot of emotion to the part of Judas. Zubin Varla brings a bunch of right notes, but little else. I've had this recording for over a year now and despite several attempts, (the most recent one bieng last night) I've only made it to the end once. I simply find this version unlistenable. If you've never heard the original or simply didn't like it, you may find this one to your liking. As for me... I grew up with the original version and sadly, have found all other renditions I have heard to be musical blasphemy!

  • Edmund Galicki Jr. - Great for normal home use

    I had a few sockets missing and this set isn't really for heavy duty work but for home use the set has all the sizes you might need and the set is about the cost of a single socket from some manufacturers. Great deal for home use.

  • Krystal Damare - It doesn't mop evenly and is definitely better suited to very small areas

    This mop is for very short people with a small amount of flooring. I'm 5'4 and had to hunch slightly to use it. It doesn't mop evenly and is definitely better suited to very small areas. The hand 'crank' is hard enough to detach that water sprinkles everywhere and the mop head is very small. It doesn't hold water well so you have the choice between wringing wet and too dry. This is a cheaply made mop and I would not advise using it for anything bigger than small areas. Cleaning the floor by hand would actually be preferable to this mop. It sucks.

  • Pen Name - More bad than good, unfortunately

    Pros: Better coordination with Kinect, customization of the Sweat mode song selections and more dance styles