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  • EricOhio - Might work for some... didn't work for us.

    Purchased two gallons of Urine Off, my wife's cats started to mark their territory after we brought our newborn home. The smell of cat urine is awful, and it just seems to linger. First, I never would have expected to need two gallons of this stuff... so, buy plenty. It goes fast! I really wish it would have worked for us, but it didn't. When cat pee gets into the carpet and the padding underneath, I'm not sure what if anything will do the job. We ended up having to replace a section of the carpet and use Kilz primer on the subfloor to lock in / block out any smell that may have made it to the flooring. We also found that a local vet carried a similar product for a little cheaper. If you need a product like this, all I can say is good luck!

  • Beau Stine - King of FPS gaming mice!

    Let me start off by saying I have used many mice in the past from companies such as Zowie and Steelseries and even Razer. And this mouse is by far the best mouse I've ever used for an FPS game. Great all around outside of FPS games, but FPS games such as CS:GO is where you can really feel the magic. The sensor on this mouse is one of the best on the market and it shows it precision in games. I play Cs Go and basically went from using a terrible Razer mouse and being crap at the game to upgrading to the Tournament Pro Finalmouse and all of sudden the game felt extremely easy. It honestly felt like a night and day difference. The tracking on this mouse compares to no other I have ever used, it is THAT good. One complaint I could make is that the scroll wheel is a little loose but it's nothing worth knocking a star off. I love the simple design and am very happy with the minimalist simple aesthetic. Also, if you are looking for a mouse pad to use with this mouse, make sure you get the Steel Series QcK or QcK+ because they go together like peanut butter and jelly! Seriously, don't even consider getting another mouse pad because they go together insanely well! TL;DR : This mouse is amazing, worth the price and goes well with the SteelSeries QcK Mousepad.

  • Moc. Nozama - Great product, but may not benefit cable tv subscribers.


  • Joanie - I always enjoy the reading of them though

    I always blame myself when I don't 'get' a story. It could be me, but some of these were very odd. I can't really say any of them will stay with me. I always enjoy the reading of them though.

  • Christopher Grasso - Must Read to Understand These Critical Times!!!!

    If the current times have you concerned and questioning what is going on, this book will give you answers. It is then handbook and guide of our past present and future.

  • Girly Girl - Well...I'm not sure it actually did anything BUT...

    I don't really have bad skin, wrinkles or any sort of major skin problem. I like to take care of my skin for preventative purposes. This all taken into account...I have no major way of tracking whether or not it did much for my skin. I do, however, love the feel of this product. It smells nice, and has a nice consistency..not too watery or gel-like. I feel like it doesn't spread quite as easy as some, but the bottle still lasted me quite a while. I think I would try this product again, it has a very nice price considering how expensive some of the competitors are, and it seems to react nicely with my sensitive skin.

  • Roadkill - So...writing books now are we?

    I knew I would track you down eventually. Your people can ignore my calls all they want but I can tell you young Cory that when my lawyers are through with you all the proceeds of this latest venture will be safely in a trust fund for young Charlotte. There will be a bloody revolution alright when the country finds out about your activities and offspring that haven't been placed on the pecuniary interest register!