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  • AnnShamrock - FANTASTIC!

    WOW much better than expected. this "new formula" is better than what I had used years ago. I noticed an improvement in the color of my teeth after using only ONE NIGHT!. Keep in mind i have "dentist made trays" which really makes a difference. VERY HAPPY.

  • Citymommy123 - I was skeptical at first, as the paper quality ...

    I was skeptical at first, as the paper quality seemed flimsy. My toddler has indeed ripped off many of the flaps, but he loves to "read" this book and it has helped him learn to identify animals, food and everyday objects. It's very similar to the First 100 Words small board book without flaps-- you probably don't need both and that one stands up to more abuse since it has no flaps to tear off!