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Country:, Asia, JP

City: 139.7677 Tokyo, Japan

  • KEVIN K. - The best there is, for generations.

    My first tin of Watkins ointment lasted 40 years. I just bought my second and love it just as much. Sometimes when I travel abroad, my lips get irritated by something in the air or food or water. This is the only product that soothes them. Also thicker consistency than Mentholatum brand, so it stays on my lips longer.

  • 1consumer - I like it, I hope it works!

    This is delicious, I like the tangy taste. I also like the ease of preparation to drink, just add water, nothing hot.

  • Ron Baker - Popcorn summer blockbuster

    Epic special effects and we get to see a lot more of the hideous aliens this time around. The alien queen is uber cool. It may not have some of the patriotic charm of the first film but it makes up for it with grand battles and tons of big popcorn summer blockbuster action. I like this type of over the top science fiction that blows you away start to finish. Get your popcorn and settle in for a big bad 2 hours. Mindless summer fun.

  • Nancy Staczek - Dog dental health

    I was a bit skeptical on using a dental product for my dog that lists no brushing necessary. Yet half-way through the month, there was a definite decrease in the accumulated tartar on my dog's molars. I keep the bottle of Tropiclean Plaque Remover on my bedside table and apply it as directed to my dog's teeth each night. My dog sleeps by my bed and having the product readily available makes the application easy to do. My dog seems to like the taste so there is no problem applying the gel - It's become an acceptable treat for Lu. I had been doing regular doggy teeth brushing -using a finger brush and doggy (poultry flavored) toothpaste. on the advice of my vet. But it wasn't until I added the Tropiclean Plaque Remover to my doggy dental regiment that I saw marked improvement in my dog's dental health. I wish I had taken before & after pictures!

  • peggyexton - This product is a life saver!

    This product was recommended to me by a nurse in my doctor's office, and it works perfectly. My red nose can now be completely covered. I was always told that products that contained green or yellow pigment would cover the red. Not so! I have been trying products for years, and this is the first one that has worked.

  • Lou P - NOT a fan

    I love my Mac. My employees love having an all-Mac office. The only downside is being stuck with QB for Mac. It's not as robust as QB for PCs. Also Intuit treat Mac owners like second class citizens. The strong message they send us is: "Want REAL Quickbooks? Buy a PC." There is a real opportunity for someone to develop a QB-like program for Macs. One that has real customer support, and has been developed by someone who doesn't hate Macs. I use QB because I don't have time to find an alternative. As soon as I do, I'm gone.