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Proyecto lector Leotodo - El plan lector LEOTODO busca desarrollar la comprensión lectora mediante un material lúdico y motivador para el alumno. En Ediciones SM hemos creado un espacio donde poder actualizar y ampliar los recursos a tu alcance, dando la importancia necesaria a las renovaciones en los proyectos curriculares y las adaptaciones de los decretos a cada comunidad autónoma.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • VanessaMomOf3 - nasty stuff. 0 stars!!

    Tastes disgusting. If you feel like gagging through it go for it. Also 30 day return means you pay for all shipping so $30 to you and $50-60 back to them. I paid $400 and then paid $50 to ship it back to them and I'll have to wait 30 days from when they process it to get only $370 back so I lose $80. It does not taste like milkshakes. It tastes awful especially the chocolate. Even the chocolate Isa delights are nasty. If you like eating crap forever go for it. I'm going to just eat healthier and start walking. No amount of weight is worth this. Sad I was mislead and a losing $80 but lesson learned. 0 stars

  • Jersey609 - This is Awesome

    I saw the Bissell Steam & Sweep commercial and did further research online. After buying, I am completely satisfied with the outcome. I ended up buying the Pet Bissell Steam & Sweep since I have two cats. The Bissell Steam & Sweep had no problems picking up the cat hair. I have read other reviews about problems with pet hair pick up. If you buy the Pet Bissell Steam & Sweep you should have no issues since the brush is different. The regular Bissell Steam & Sweep has brushes it looks like when the Pet Bissell has rubber brushes. As for the small water reservoir. The reservoir is big enough to cover a lot of area. I never have to refill. The trigger is not an issue with me. I personally like the trigger control. Makes you feel in control of the steam coming out. The product is so easy to use and in the long run I feel like I will save A LOT of money. No more chemicals for the wood floor or buying cleaning pads. I'm so satisfied with this product I am buying my mother one for the holidays!