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  • delicatebeast - My adopted heeler mix has always hated the furminator

    My adopted heeler mix has always hated the furminator... HATED it so I have been looking for something to use when the spring and winter shed hits. This is the first brush he looks forward to EVER. I also use it on my schnauzer mix and my two kitties-- a tuxedo and a Maine Coon. Very good product and my house is less hairy as a result!

  • Sophia - Making us to feel life more wonderful and lively

    To meditate makes oneself become more productive and relax. It makes our body, mind, and spirit to be calm. Making us to feel life more wonderful and lively. To all, this guide is going to teach and explain everything about meditation. The right steps and effective way to perform it. Finding inner peace can be achieve in doing it. Making us strong, focus and determine on what we wanted to do. Healthy lifestyle is what it can give to us.

  • J. Parker - May not work for severe nasal congestion

    The only reason I would recommend this over a neti pot is because it's not as messy. There is no leaning over a sink and trying to tilt your head just right. The flow goes through one nostril and out the other into the reservoir. I only give it 3 stars because the salt pods are not effective for me. I got better results from NeilMed NasalFlo. So considering the price of this product I don't think it's worth it.

  • London - Great Workouts and Fun

    This is my first workout game. I'm a regular exerciser, hockey player and gym member. I was a little skeptical about the game, but thought it could not hurt to try and might be nice for at home when no time to go to gym. It actually far surpassed my expectations. It's a lot of fun, the motion tracking is very good, I blame my lack of cordination for most of the failures to keep in sync. It's perfect for getting in a quick 20 minutes before going to work. The boot camp training mood is very hard. It kicked my ass. The big test will be my wife trying it out tonight. I think she will love it, especially the yogo and zen workouts.

  • MikeM - Gordo at his best

    I bought this after reading the book for a couple weeks. Glad I did. It goes along page by page with the book, but can't do justice to some of the more complicated charts or formulas, being only voice. On the other hand, it adds to the overall book experience by inserting Gordo's enthusiasm for the subject along with a bunch of audio effects (like guest appearances on FM, DStar, etc. by his ham buddies). Corny? Sure. But you have to love the guy. Also, there are times on the CDs when he blasts through a bunch of questions really fast. Other times he draws out a section. You really need to have the book. I don't know if you could really learn this using only the audio course. However, for reinforcement of the material in the car or elsewhere, this is a nice course and I like it a lot.

  • Susan - Gift for my son and daughter-n-law

    New baby in family and my son said it's a great addition to the stroller, helps them stay organized and can keep important items at their fingertips!