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  • Sandie - Liam and Elle

    Liam is the bookie with a heart, kind caring and a killer. Elizabeth/Lizzie/Elle is grieving the death of her father. I felt Elle's dad was reaching out from the grave to make sure she was taken care of not just fiancially but in every way by Liam. He knew Liam was a take charge kind of guy and would make sure Elle was looked after. Liam knew Elle and I think fell in love with her from all the stories her dad shared with him. Lots of sex and some mob type violence made this a really hot book. Very well written.

  • Second Nature Customs - So much better than stainless

    We replace the stainless ones about once per year. So far these have been absolutely great and easy to clean. I doubt I will ever have to replace them. The best part is that here on Amazon, they are half the price of anyplace else I've found them.

  • Amazon Customer - Not real sure about this product

    This was recommended as an alternative to Beach Body and Shakeology by a friend who is a personal trainer. Because the price is 1/2 the other products I thought I would try it out first. I like the taste but drinking this for breakfast and lunch, with healthy snacks, plus a regular dinner, I'm starving all of the time. I'm a guy at 215lb who could use to be at 200lb and I'm not a big eater, but I feel I want to eat 2 to 3 times more on this. I might buy more but I'm going to try some of the other products out there too.

  • Nancy Cooper - reasonable price.

    this doll looks really pretty and my daughter loves it so much. good thing that it comes with a reasonable price.

  • wspheres - Professional grade

    I chose this because I needed a new drill. This one was on sale. This is a verey high quality professional grade piece of equipment.

  • ccc_wood - great whitening, bad sensitivity

    my teeth are always complimented after a week of using the crest whitestrips. they are fairly easy to apply. there is some uncomfort when they scratch your lips or gums, and some of the gel has the tendency to ooze into your mouth.