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  • Lori Haskell - Fabulous product

    I love this item! A consultant recommended I to me. I thought I wanted a mandoline and she asked what I was using it for and suggested this instead as it is safe and cheaper and did exactly what I wanted, which was to slice potatoes and veggies thin to bake and grill. I have used it various times now to slice zucchini and potatoes and it's amazing. I love it so much.

  • Brian Thomas - Very good tool, exactly what I wanted.

    This tool is exactly what I wanted - a good knife with a few extra features. As noted in some other reviews, it needs some oil out of the box in order to be smooth opening. The flat head screw driver is tough to get out, even with oil, but works ok. The blade comes sharp. The serrated part is less useful than I'd hoped, due to being pretty far back on the blade, but it has come in handy.