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  • I. Brown - great moisturizer

    I have a chronically dry nose and "t-zone" on my face. I needed something that could provide moisture that is not greasy. I use this at night, and my nose is actually normal in the morning. I saw results right away. Its almost as if my dry skin is "cured".

  • J.O.G. - Poo Poo Pourri

    Originally bought this a a gag gift for my 12 year old son. It actually works. Have bought more to replace the original gag gift.

  • Book Princess - Must Have If Your Really Trying To Lose Weight

    I've read the reviews and some people say they've only gotent a calve work out and I say if thats all your getting then your not doing it right. I've had this product for over two years now and it has helped me to lose 25lbs. Of course dieting was a factor as well, but bottom line this is a low impact high fun work out. Even my husband tried it for two weeks and his beer gut pulled in. The key is to keep your hands on the padded bars and twist with the machine so its working your sides and abs. If you find your not sweating while your at it go faster, twist more or try something new like leaning foward, backward or doing it sideways so your working your thighs. This is a great work out machine and for the price I highly doubt its something you will regret buying. Also as an added bonus it stores anywhere but you might find you want to keep it handy because using it is kinda addictive.

  • Gina Rodz - it got so bad that I had to call their techs & seek ...

    After installing this software, I began receiving more "pop ups & malicious adware" than ever before... Eventually, it got so bad that I had to call their techs & seek their assistant.