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  • Health A-Z: all about diseases and procedures - All about diseases, disorders, medical condition diagnosing, procedures and examinations.
  • Drugs & Supplements - all you need to know - Medical drugs, supplements, vitamins and other essential minerals human body needs.
  • Spider veins: causes, symptoms, medical and natural treatments - Many people suffer from spider veins on legs, face or any other parts of the body. This post provides a detailed look at causes and medical and natural treatment options for spider veins.
  • Coconut oil for keratosis pilaris: how to use and why? - While there is no a universal remedy for keratosis pilaris, some natural remedies, such as coconut oil may help you get rid of it faster. This post provides detailed instructions on how to use coconut oil for treatment of keratosis pilaris.
  • How to deal with excessive mucus in throat? - Phlegm or mucus in throat are associated with lots of disorders. Here is a post featuring a detailed look at causes, symptoms and ways to get rid of excessive mucus in throat.
  • How to use tea tree oil for hair care? - Tea tree oil has been used in hair care for centuries. This detailed post features 20+ amazing uses of tea tree oil for hair growth and care.
  • How to Get Rid of Hives (Urticaria) Fast? - Find out how to get rid of hives with 13 drugs and 15 home remedies. Also learn about causes, symptoms and prevention of urticaria.
  • What causes boils and how to treat them at home? - How to cure boils with 26 amazing home remedies and evidence based treatment options? Overview of causes of boils.
  • RAZOR BURNS: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention - What are razor burns and how to get rid of them fast? A detailed evidence based guide to causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of razor burns.
  • BEST TOOTHACHE REMEDIES: how to cure a toothache fast? - This post takes a detailed evidence based look at toothache remedies and methods to help you get rid of a toothache fast.
  • How to get rid of blemishes? The complete guide to types, causes and removal of discolored marks - Discoloration spots on the skin or blemishes is a common health issue. This article takes a detailed look at causes, symptoms and treatment options of blemishes.
  • Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of eczema - This 5000+ word post features all about eczema, its causes, symptoms and treatment options (using both medical drugs as well as home and natural remedies).

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  • Terra - Can not be used with modern computers!

    Be aware that this item should not be sold as a new product. The technology is more than a decade old and will simply not work on a modern computer (anything above a 32-bit operating system). It might work fine if you are running Windows XP, but it can not be detected by Windows 7 or above.

  • Kathy Young - Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

    I just bought the Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011 and can't run Panic, remembrance, sudoku, big bang brain games. Never had any problems with Hoyle when it was Sierra but things are not the same with Encore?? I gave away all my old Hoyle games and after my computer needed a new motherboard etc I bought the new Hoyle game this week and none of the added puzzles work. I will not buy another Hoyle Game again!! There is no support for the game and when I tried on line the tech from wanted money for the solution...

  • Revelation - I'm addicted.

    I'm addicted to this game. I really like that it is a co-op first person shooter. You can also do player-vs-player. And you're not at a huge disadvantage to those who play 24/7. They can't kill your character and steal all of your gear like in Division. This game has a great balance of a story-line, free-roam, and multiplayer. There is a lot of co-op type stuff, which is fun. Upgrading weapons and gear is a lot of fun, too.