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  • Supplements - Over the years I’ve experimented with many supplements in attempt to eradicate brain fog, enhance cognitive function, and tweak levels of neurotransmitters
  • Products - Here is a list of products that I’ve personally used to help improve my mental health and/or cognitive performance.  I think that you may find them helpfu
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  • Baclofen For Opiate Withdrawal Symptom Management - Baclofen is a drug that was originally synthesized in the early 1960s by Heinrich Keberle, a Swiss chemist employed by the pharmaceutical company Ciba-Geig
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  • Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Individuals that have used any potent drug, particularly for a long-term and/or at high doses are known to experience significant short-term withdrawal sym
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  • Long-Term Unemployment Changes Personality Traits - In the United States, there are an estimated 18 million people that are unemployed. Much of this is due to economic changes that have occurred within the p

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  • JWTV - A Good Product

    I have purchased a couple of these for myself as well as 1 for a gift and plan on additional purchases as gifts going into the holidays. Suggest purchasing the "testers" for personal use to save a little money if you don't care about the top (or save the top from one of your bottles to reuse) or gift canister. Not the best as far as "longevity" with regard to the sent lasting but for the cost a good product.

  • Rl Shuey - They're OK............

    I've had a couple of old greeting card programs that I've used for years and that were getting long-in-tooth, but I couldn't find any replacement that I would consider a step up. Well I bought this and another greeting card program and while they both seem to work OK, I don't think I got a step up, but I did get a lot of fresh cards to use/modify for the future. I just wished they would make a greeting card program that worked great, that was great at making greeting cards and not screwing things up by trying to get the program to do so much of the extra stuff!

  • penny's from heaven - I like this product

    Used on my kitchen hard wood floor to touch up after a week of heavy traffic and after I had used the Rejuvinate Floor Restorer product. Results amazing. I then used it on vinyl grouted tile in my laundry and got very good results. Make sure you properly vacuum the floor prior to use. Dust particles or dog hair will stick in the coating if it's not prepped prior to applying. I am in the process of selling our home and the Rejuvinate system has really spruced up my floors, cabinets and wood trim Now I can add venal floors to the list. Whish I had found these products sooner. It makes sweeping much easier because once the floor is refreshed dirt won't stick to it. This is a must have for pet owners.