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  • Coqui - Great boot for hiking

    I was very pleasantly surprised! I got these boots 1/2 size larger than my shoe size to allow for more toe room and it made all the difference; it kept my feet dry, warm, and comfortable. Boot gave great foot support but not stiff.

  • TPGulch - This can be a dangerous product

    I'm having surgery on my left foot in a week so I needed to find an easy to to climb stairs as I live in a motor home. This iWalkFree appeared to be the perfect solution for the six to eight weeks I will be no weight bearing on that foot. This review will pretty much repeat what others have said about the "unfinished" aspects of the crutch. I have had the crutch about 4 days and have been practicing as much as possible before surgery. While practicing I am using standard crutches to keep my balance. Contrary to what is stated on their website, the learning curve is going to be quite lengthy. I am a big man, 6'2" and have a large circumference upper thigh. In fact, I'm about the limit to size capability of the product. I am right handed and as I need to attach the product to my left leg then the fitting and tightening of the straps is quite awkward. Second to proper fitting of the knee pad and the lower and upper strap is the ability to tighten the straps enough. In the left handed awkward position it is impossible for me to get the straps tight enough. It is a two person operation and shouldn't be. The upper strap maximum length is only 27 inches which, once the strap is inserted in the buckle, gives no excess strap to grab and pull in order to tighten. The straps fit into the buckles so tightly that removal is a major operation, again with two people. If you do not get the straps tight enough to prevent any movement of the beam on your leg, then you WILL fall. Period. This device must be so tight to the upper leg that it cannot move or you will fall. I spoke with a representative of the company and she told me that they are aware of the tightening issue and they are working on some changes. This tightening issue has been present and has been complained about for months. How difficult can it be to engineer a way to easily insert the straps and mechanically tighten them? I can go to my local hardware and buy two mechanical ratchet straps for $20 and they will work better then the existing straps. As I indicated in the title this product can be dangerous if not properly fitted and tightened, but the improper engineering of the product prevents me from doing either. I really believe the manufacturer has had plenty of time to correct these issues. Lengthening the upper strap is a no brainer and would cost very little to do so. The concept of the crutch is good, but be careful. The price is too high for this product.

  • marc holcombe - Have a 2010 chevy traverse AWD. When turning we ...

    Have a 2010 chevy traverse AWD. When turning we would hear a horrid grinding sound. I put this into the transfer case, and rear axle. No noise anymore.

  • Kumar R - The one that worked!!!

    I have been shopping for a proper dandruff shampoo for 2 years now and have been changing products. I had used Dove, Head and shoulders, paul mitchell tea tree shampoo etc... But i have never found a permanent solution. I had to use the other shampoo products atleast 3-4 times but still the dandruff persisted, My hair would be devoid of dandruff for a day but the next day when i don't use i could see flakes in my shirt. I saw selsun blue in Target and was read reviews in amazon. I thought why not and got the product. I have been using the product for 2 months now and the results have been amazing.I used it couple of times a week for the first 2 week i bought and switched to normal shampoo for the other times and saw very less dandruff and also less hair fall. And for the past month i see less to no dandruff even if i use it just once a week and also no hairfall. Earlier when i switched to using other conditioners or apply hair gel i would see dandruff sprouting up. But now i am able to apply hair gel / other brand conditioners without having to worry about the dandruff.

  • Martie Boylen - He says these are the most comfortable shoes. If he's happy they were worth every ...

    Bought these as a gift for my son who has pain in his feet on a daily basis from arthritis issues. He says these are the most comfortable shoes. If he's happy they were worth every penny.

  • derek - it looks great and fits right

    this gets a 2 star only because i am not able to get signal on it. it looks great and fits right, but thats just it, its for looks. also when i tried to take it off the ceramic piece separated from the metal piece making it more difficult to remove.

  • S. Gilchrist - Worked for about 3 weeks, then it had trouble ...

    Worked for about 3 weeks, then it had trouble staying on when connected to Bluetooth. Now it won't play at all.