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  • badam - Great Lotion, no obnoxious smell

    This lotion is obviously the Rolls Royce of tanning lotion. It doesn't feel oily on your skin before or after and it absorbs almost immediately after application. It does exactly what it says it does, major difference between this and the "Vogue" that preceded it. Most of all there is not that noxious smell that typically accompanies a good lotion.

  • Frank Hoeft - Be careful!

    I used this to remove some 3M adhesive tape from my car. It worked, but also took some of the paint down to the primer! Used sparingly and carefully it works, but be cautious.

  • Tina T - Memoory Foam pillow

    The pillow is very thick and the weight of my head does not compress and conform leaving my head up too high and not align with my spine. So I've been using it to prop on my headboard when watching TV.