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  • aznenginerd - Pretty Legit

    I can't express how well this stuff actually works! I have GAD (always anxious, but most of time it's not crippling) and this stuff really helps for the day to day anxiety. I actually took it today because I really hate my job and literally every day is worse than the last. So yesterday I had a pretty huge breakdown (because of the stupidity at my job) and it carried over into today. I woke up really anxious, crying, pissed off. I took one pill right when I got to work and almost instantly I felt better. I wasn't grinding my teeth as much and it really help me let off on my neck tension. I took another one a few hours later and I could focus again. These literally brought me back from the point of crippling anxiety to where I could at least focus minimally again. I would definitely buy again!

  • Laura Fira - Unique and fun

    I LOVE this umbrella! There is so much detail that went into it. When you first open the box the umbrella is in its own bag with a shoulder strap. Once you remove the umbrella you see the pretty design on the bottom part, there is also a pretty design on the umbrella bottom that goes around it. I really like the handle, its big enough to go on your wrist and its made in the c shape so it doesnt fall off easily. The coolest part about this umbrella is how it opens. You press a button and push up like you would any unbrella and it just pops out backwards. It sounds crazy but it looks amazing in person. I received this product for free or at a discount on return for my honest review.

  • Michelle M. Leavitt - Easy ride, ok workout

    It is smooth and I haven't noticed all the squeeks that others have heard. However, I will say that for me personally, I really have to work to workout on this thing. It has no resistance and unless you are really out of shape, try something else. My other complaint is the footing, my feet are constantly sliding on this and I often wonder if my feet are going to fall off the peddled stance area. I often have to stop and move my feet back into place. Overall I should have opted for an actual eliptical machine. But, if you are really out of shape and want a smooth, easy machine that is semi fun, get it. If not, look elsewhere.

  • Kenny_H - Built to last

    Was real nervous since it only had one sheet, I used the sunction cup to place it and got lucky with placing it the right way. I forgot that the small segment left out was for the hard to see sensors on the camera lens side.

  • Matt Svoboda - Perfect solution

    I consider myself lucky I found this. I was frustrated that my U28D590D didn't have holes for the VESA mount for my new standing desk, and I didn't want to spend hundreds more on the newer version of my monitor; I was pretty close to just drilling holes in it myself, when I did a search on Amazon for "U28D590D mount" and this solution popped right up. It works perfectly. In fact, since the bracket is made of metal, it's much less wobbly than the plastic mount which Samsung provides with the monitor itself! Installation was quick and easy, and I'm using it right now.