MRSA STAPH INFECTION Crushing a flesh-eating SUPERBUG! - Our families battle with recurring mrsa staph infection and what we did to overcome it. How modern medicine becomes a doubled-edged sword to surviving mrsa

  • ha mrsa or ca mrsa?The charts show the differences in type & age group - Ha mrsa staph infection is more evasive usually effecting patients after surgery . Ca mrsa staph infections are rising and near to all. SEE CHART to compare.
  • About us and our families past with mrsa staph - Our families past experience with sepsis and recurring mrsa staph infections and what we did to stop them
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  • Karen's Kidney Infection goes Sepsis-Cancer-then MRSA in 48hrs! - Sent home with a kidney infection Karen became sepsis and diagnosed with Cancer. Doctors preparing to cut out her R. Kidney. What about MRSA staph infection?

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  • J. Mason - Didn't work for my purpose.

    The hose itself is way to stiff to be making bends, I would up going to the hardware store and getting some of the braided steel lines for toilets and sinks and they work much better for my purpose. I bought these to use in conjunction with an accumulator and I had flexible lines to begin with so can't comment on their ability to silence the pump.

  • Hoopy - Got rid of my nasty toenail fungus for good.

    Don't believe the drug companies that say topical solutions do not work for toenail fungus. This stuff got rid of mine that I had for seven years. I was skeptical at first because I read how hard it can be to get rid of the fungus. I just applied some nonyx every morning and put a band aid around the toenail. It looked definitely better after a few months, but after a year, my toenail was perfectly normal. I could not believe it. A year may sound like a long time, but compared to seven years of having the fungus, one year was nothing. Get it and start wearing sandles again soon.