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  • Angela - Keeping 'em moving.

    The Just Dance has done it again. I have watched my daughter totally enjoy herself for hours, and become more comfortable with her body. The songs are current, and the dance moves are just complex enough to make even me, break a sweat. An added bonus, the whole family gets involved. Worth the price!

  • Goggle-Eyed Slewfoot - a good collection

    In case the mix-up of reviews of different collections is confusing you, this review is of 0517679019, edited by Lois Hill and illustrated by Nora Fry.

  • rob mccoy - working great for me

    works great! I've lost 21 lbs in six weeks and it has curbed my appetite. I'm not eating as big of meals and no more snacking. I've tried other pills with no weight loss. I take three pills in the morning before breakfast and thats it. I've lost 3 to 4 lbs every week since i started. I've lost 21 lbs in six weeks and i can see me easily lose 29 more to get to my goal.

  • clifton r roberson - berry berry nice

    Fantastic product that does everyting under the sun with audio and video. Like the swiss army knife of multimedia and I am not using all of the functions to their extant.

  • W-BAR-B - Great Buy! Could not be happier!

    Picked cycling back up again in January after a several year layoff. Even after I got back in shape, the group I am riding with was sometimes hard to stay up with. So I decided I needed some updated equipment. My old bike is a mid-level Cannondale. I was cautioned by my riding buddies about buying a bike online. They said I would probably have to spend another 400.00 or so to have a bike shop put it together and tune it for me. The bike came pretty much assembled except the handlebars were not attached but all the brake and shifting cables were attached to the handlebars. So all I had to do was mount the handlebars with the cables already attached and mount the front brakes and terminate and adjust the front brake cable. The wheels were true and no adjusting spokes was necessary. The bike shifted perfectly right out of the box. I have rode the bike seven times in the last two weeks. (five- 12 mile rides and two- 30mile rides) So far no adjustments necessary and no bike shop tune-up necessary. This carbon frame bike is super light and smooth and accelerates like a dream not to mention it looks great. Now my buddies are trying to keep pace with me. I was happy with the purchase price of $1399 but saw where it had been reduced again to $1249 right after I bought mine. I contacted Amazon and asked if I could get a refund for the difference. They said that their policy is seven days for this but since it was only nine days and I have purchased so much in the past, they would honor the policy and refund the $150 difference to me and did so the next day. Thank you Amazon! Now more that ever I will do most of my shopping online with Amazon. Happy Cycling!

  • Ben Bengal - Awesome As usual

    Awesome As usual, gives my friend great pleasure every day! Truly Entertaining clever witty and topical, making me type too much for this review

  • Fred T - Great pro-Clinton book

    Conason's is a work that gives the Clinton's the benefit of the doubt; but it certainly is fascinating reading - finally to hear from Clinton what his take on certain aspects of some poor choices were.