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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Kindle Customer - Disappointed

    What bothered me most was the way it ended. The story did not end. You know another book will be written so that you can pay another 15 bucks to find out how it all finally ends.

  • E. Kim - Excellent value, but for me it just wasn't all that I wanted it to be. Your results may be different/better

    Purchased from them twice on two different occasions, they were not to my liking but my brother who did the previous purchased loved it. For the value you just cant beat it, but personally for me, it just does not quite match up to my Gillette Fusion. The handle is comfortable, and it feels solid in your hand, but for most of you, that doesn't matter, what does matter is how good a shave it is. Lots of other reviewers are praising it saying things like "closest shave I get" and "beats my (expensive razor cartridge brand)", including my brother who swears by it. I truly believe that for those individual reviewers, they do believe that, and for them the blades are exceptional, but for me it just didn't quite stack up. I dont have a lot of facial hair, and it does not grow fast, but I still shave everyday, because I do not like any facial hair, and even want to minimize the appearance of stubble. But with these blades, the shave just isnt as close, and for me led to more razor burn and irritation then normal compared to my Fusion. My face also does not feel as smooth after a shave, and because the shave isn't as close, the appearance of stubble is a little more pronounced. It doesnt matter if I use cheap shaving foam in a can, or slightly more expensive shaving gel, or "premium" shaving soap or cream, it requires more passes to shave hair, and more passes will lead to more irritation, and possibly like in my case, in-grown hair which can cause a pustule or papule (looks like a pimple with pus, or a inflamed bump). I didn't notice any excessive knicks or cuts which could indicate a low quality blade with imperfections, so it's a safe bet that they are pretty good quality blades but maybe not the best. So for me it was probably a combination of hair type, skin type, quality of blade, and the way the blade is positioned, as with 6 blades, you would think the shave would be closer. My brother, and other reviewers here, have no such problem, so they may work well for you. But the blades are a noticeable step up from disposable blades, and even more premium disposables (Schick Hydro) blades that I have used, so I would probably always use these instead of the disposables in the situations that may need them, but when I want/need that close shave, I have to regretfully fall back to Gillette. I really wanted this to work for me, like it has for so many people placing the reviews, and the value is superb. But it never claims to be the closest best shave, you will get like Gillette does, so for what it is I give it a 4/5. Also the seller I ordered from (TheGroupDeal) was simply fantastic.

  • Tamcan - The item was great

    but my husband, even though self taught over the last 6-8 months, was already much more advanced. he lost interest pretty quick because it was making him do beginner stuff without the option to skip over it. he did not have the patience to go backwards and then work up - he wanted to go to the advanced playing and it would not let we gave it away

  • FArmers - Enjoyable game

    Really enjoying the game. Deeper than expected with the chance to earn income to use to upgrade weaponry, in turn allowing for bigger hunts. It gives it that "one more round" factor.

  • Dorothy J. Ervin - Is it possible to give no stars? This is ...

    Is it possible to give no stars? This is not worth rating, I purchased these games specifically to play video keno, I posted this question before I purchased the game, someone answer the question, and said yes it has video keno-- that is not correct and people shouldn't answer questions if they don't understand the question.

  • Ohioan - 2013 Version Inferior to 2008 Version

    I originally bought this pan in 2008. It the most solid pan I have so I decided to buy another one 5 years later. Guess what? It's not the same pan. It says it's the same pan, but it's not. I merely touch it and I can hear and feel it wobble because it's so flimsy. I'd consider this false advertising, which is a serious offence. Amazon should not allow a company to misrepresent a cheaper version of an original product. They should be forced to create a new product listing.

  • CM27 - Wow!

    This stuff is so good. I wasn't sure if it would actually work, being that I have tried way more expensive teeth whitening products in the past, but this does the trick. My teeth feel clean and they look bright and white.