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  • RobbyQ - WOW!!!

    This cable helped me save thousands of dollars on my car insurance! With the savings I'm going to Disney Land!

  • Riley - One awesome pillow

    I have used this two different ways. One under my head and I sort of hold it. Yes, the sleep is terrific. The other way, is if I am super uncomfortable, I am on my side I place this so that one of my knees lays on it. Crazy as it seems, it is the correct height and keeps my leg at the same height as my hip. This I have found out then makes it so when I wake up in the morning that I have no back pain at all? While I am confident that it is not the correct use of this, it works amazing! If you have not tried it I would highly recommend using it as a leg pillow to those side sleepers. Maybe if I buy another one I can sleep with both? Oh, I am funny yet very serious. The things I will do for great sleep!

  • PAUL C GLINSKI - Lasser Review

    I feel that Lasser is the most comprehensive book that I have ever used. I have been using Lasser for at least 10 years (probably more). I am an enrolled agent who is employed by H&R Block. I have come to totally rely on Lasser.