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  • El Duke - Overall, a really great VR headset!!

    Contents and Impressions: BlitzWolf VR headset great condition, had no scratches, blemishes. Documentation included user manual, 3M spacers and contact card. Could not find AR APP on their website as described. Not Necessary. No Google Cardboard QR code. Can easily find one online.

  • sjcpilot - Absolutely Incredible

    At first I was skeptical of the Thundershirt, I watched all the reviews and just could not believe that a simple "jacket" would be able to stop all of my dogs worries and problems. Since my dog has separation anxiety, it was tough to deal with on a daily basis, constant barking at anything outside, always following me around the house, and would never allow me to go out in my backyard with out barking at me. I decided to take the $40 plunge and give the Thundershirt a try. I received it the next day with prime overnight shipping, I opened up the box, read the instructions, and put it on my dog, and let me say the change was almost immediate. My dog was completely different for the next hour, it was almost like she had taken a sedative. Completely calm, relaxed, and even lied down on the floor (which never happens, unless she is exhausted). In the beginning she didn't really like the feeling of it on her, almost like she wanted it off, so I decided to remove it and let her be herself again. I placed it on her and took it off for the first day allowing her to get used to it. By today, 3 days of it on her continuously, she has loved it and I have too. She is a completely different dog, it really is amazing. Now it does not fix everything, but it reduced about 90% of her separation anxiety problem and her extraneous barking. She now is a completely chilled dog. I am a believer in the Thundershirt now, 100%! It really is amazing, and if you are teeter tottering on if it works or not, I would suggest just giving it a try, as Thundershirt offers a 45 day return policy. Trust me it is the best $40 you will ever spend on your pup!

  • C. Arcidiacono - Tempted

    I so want to move so I can find a bad boy to live next door to. Elizabeth is at school and believes all is right in her world. Until her step father dies and her heart breaks. She is not equipped to find a smoking hot, sexy as sin man living next door to her father's place. Liam is every woman's fantasy and then some. When she learns he knew her father, she is taken back to realize that he was around when her father died and she was not. An action packed sexy romance story that will have you laughing, crying and at the edge of your seat.

  • kenny - Works, and is worth the time and effort.

    Recommended to me by a vet, and works wonders. I bought a house and the previous owners had ferrets... After pulling up the carpets, discovered that the ferrets didn't like using a box apparently. My cats were not impressed. They left puddles immediately and frequently. Long story short, with a few applications they were satisfied and left the old spots alone, and I could carpet again. I have had no problems since. I keep a bunch on hand to clean the occasional slip up (one of my cats is a very very old cat and she doesn't always make it where she needs to be)... This works great.