Notes Sante | Refroidir à être facile! - Votre animal de compagnie est gravement malade? A-t-on besoin des antibiotiques pour les chiens ou les chats? On peut les acheter dans les pharmacies

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  • Liste des antibiotiques à large spectre - La liste des quatre antibiotiques les plus efficaces à large spectre. Description complète de chaque médicament. Nous vous disons également lorsque ces

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  • Maya T. - although not as good compared to the hair straightening irons

    I have very frizzy, thick, coarse hair and it smooths it enough, although not as good compared to the hair straightening irons. Also I noticed that one of the plastic/silicon tip of the brush bristle has melted after using the brush for 2 weeks now. I like that when the hair falls on my face, It doesn't scorch my hair. My only struggle are the buttons on the side which I accidentally push as I grip the brush tighter when using.

  • Crews Family - If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face

    If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face, this is the tool for you. It also comes in a nice little box, with a business card. I love that it is flexible, and easy to use. It is made of a thin plastic material. It makes line ups easy, simple and perfect shape. It also fits great along my face due to the thinness and flexibility if offers. I am so glad I got this. I have had so many issues with trying to line up my beard. I got to the point that I just decided I wouldn't mess with it anymore. With the warm weather we have had this takes away a lot of the issues you have with a big thick beard, it makes it a lot easier to shave again. I would definitely recommend this tool to other. Great deal for the price offered.

  • Elizabeth A. Davis - Disappointed

    I have been using this software for years... this year the way a question was worded caused me to make an error. I read the question several times, even asked my lawyer friend who interpreted it the same way as I had. This error cost me a lot of time and $160 at H&R Block offices.

  • MoBoarder - Excellent *****

    Pick these up every year for Christmas presents. Always well received and enjoyed. Much better than the black and white smaller versions I had as a kid.

  • V. patel - Rogaine works and will help. But don't expect a complete reversal.

    When I first realized I had a receding hairline, disappointment was not the word. Being in my early 20s made it feel even worse.