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  • Lyndall F. Beaver - What a workout!

    The machine does everything the ad says. I do want to tell you a little info on it (especially if you are out of shape or overweight)

  • Wendy Smith - So far, so good, works as it should.

    So far, this wine pump has worked quite well. As a test, I bought a bottle of cabernet and drank about 1/4 cup of it daily over the course of around 10 days. Sometimes, I left the stopper in for 2 days. It was apparent each time I opened it that the vacuum had been maintained by the stopper.

  • Kindle Customer - Five Stars

    Great articles, lessons, and some humor. Download a perfect companion to print edition for taking it with you.

  • Raymond G Haar - Terrible meter

    I've had 3 BG1's and the first 2 the batteries only lasted about 4 days. The 3rd one didn't work at all

  • Amazon Customer - innapropriate

    The Day of the Dead is a historically significant holiday in Mexico. Wearing this costume exploited elements of that culture without actually acknowledging its history and its rich meaning. This costume reduces a complex tradition into a flimsy outfit for one-time use.

  • HerestTheMom - Quickbooks - Yes!!!

    I am slowing learning 2014. Great improvements over the past versions. Many more Excel reports, which I think is great. I have used QB since 2006, so I have used many versions (accountant)

  • Michael D. - Great Unit...

    Great Item works as advertised. I've had it for a few months now and have had no problems. It has protected my home entertainment center many times over the past few months. I live in South FL. and had many short power outages and brown outs due to some work FPL was doing. This unit was powerful enough to protect a 50 inch plasma, PS4, Sony Home Theater Receiver, Xfinity Modem, Asus Router, and Xfinity Cable Box. It can power all these devices non-stop for 12 minutes. Pretty impressive. The outages I experienced only lasted a few seconds to 3 minutes. I would definitely recommend this UPS to anyone with similar short outages and power fluctuations.