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  • Randy Castro - Feels cheap

    Bought this as a best man gift and was not satisfied with the appearance. It has the correctly listed dimensions but looks and feels cheap in person. Needless to say, I am not gifting this to my best man.

  • Xavier H. - so far so good

    It is my first time using Kaspersky and I can tell that it runs very smooth and has a lot of integrated functions that increase it value. (virtual keyboard, parental control, safe money, apps watch, etc) overall it is very customizable and has a lot of configuration options, which a really like from a security software. I wish the firewall interface was more easy and friendly as McAfee's but it is not bad at all, I just miss the prompt pop-up mode that McAfee has where before each program connects to the internet you can allow it or not, here in kaspersky it came all allowed by default if it is a trusted program according to their data base. The best of all is the price, 3 PC licenses for 1 year for the price is a total hit!

  • Eduardo - GOOD BUT....

    ok, this is a really good TV, isn't expensive ( i got 42 inch), i like LG tv quality, i just got a few weeks with this tv but this is my review.

  • JeepinPye - Easy Install, Very Effective Product

    Received the product sooner than estimated shipping date. Very sturdy bug shield. I've had it for a couple weeks now and it's made a HUGE difference in the amount of bugs and debris actually hitting my windshield. Install took 5 minutes. I did have to use a couple of screws to attach the shield, which was one of the reasons I chose this product. All other bug shields I could find were installed using sticky tape, not screws. The plastic is thick, but has enough give not to shatter when a rock hits it. Ive had a couple large rock chunks hit the front of the shield, without breaking it. Jeep logo on the shield looks very slick!

  • lucky lady - love this stuff

    has to be my favorite always go back to this one toes or fingers looks great and will pop even more with a little clear on them also helps to smooth out nail as this one feels a little like sand paper with out the clear but wait til this one is good and dry before applying the clear most of the time only takes one coat as well

  • Speedy Reader - Do not waste your time

    Do not waste your time....bought this to video my daughters game.....thank goodness my Samsung takes great videos, precious moments would have been lost forever. This camera shut down in the middle of recording. I gave it one star because Amazon delivered it sooo fast.

  • Jacob Vandenberg - Wins arguments

    I had an argument with a friend over which had more tools in it: my Wenger or Batman's utility belt. While investigating all of my knife's various tools, we were a bit surprised when a familiar yellow belt fell out. Needless to say I won that argument. Thanks, Switzerland!