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  • Lisa - Excellent Review Manual!

    This manual left me more than prepared for the SOA P exam. Lots of practice tests included complete with in-depth solutions for every problem. A lot of the concepts in the later practice exams never appeared on the actual exam, but I felt very at ease when faced with the real test. Overall I would definitely recommend this manual to anyone studying for the P exam.

  • Tony Skomra - Good text book!

    Easy read - got me from zero to sixty in about two weeks. Worth the $$ for a newbie and will remain a desk reference.

  • Amazon Customer - Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode bringing Penny on was a mistake.

    Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode. It was intense and though good in some ways disappointed me by brining in more mediocre actors/actress' that shouldn't be there. I may be biased but since Lexi's intern class I haven't been impressed with the lower residents and attending.

  • darkrosenberg - I've been doing it wrong all these years!

    I'm giving this book 5 stars ( if only I could coat those stars with unicorn tears and CareBear glitter) to express how wonderful this book is and how it changed my life. Do you want to know how this book changed my life? Well keep reading friend and prepare your mind because it is about to be blown. I've been doing wrong! With my microwave! Wrong. I've been using the "science oven" to for left-overs, to reheat coffee and occasionally melt butter. But I was wrong. Not only do microwaves COOK FOOD they cure suicidal depression and soul crushing loneliness. Marriage, children, friends, growing old and dying alone with no one to mourn your loss or even notice you've died, worry about those things no more and step into your new life with "Microwave for One". Yes sir I give it 5 stars.