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  • Azoic - The Cartoons Make it Worthwhile

    When I was growing up (I'm now a senior citizen) my parents subscribed to the New Yorker. I wasn't interested in the articles or the events: I read it for the cartoons. They were always amusing.

  • Marissa Hopkins - So far it's Awesome!!

    I've been using this for two days. And already I have seen a slight difference. My teeth just look brighter. I have a aversion to strange tasting things. I was very worried about how I would handle this powder in my mouth. There is no taste to it. And you only need a little bit. Very little goes a long way! It also rinses out very easily. I like to brush my teeth after so I have minty fresh breath. I'm excited to see what my teeth look like at the end of 30 days. I will update my review at that time. *I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

  • Melanie P. Moses - The newer Next Exits are no where near as nice as the old spiral bound books. I won't buy it again!

    I have an older Next Exit book and it is spiral bound. Now they are paperback printed on cheap phone directory type paper easily torn. Don't like that at all.

  • Christian Konopaski - Do not buy the 2013 version

    I generally do not write reviews on anything, but after years of Quicken agony I had to share my thoughts. I have been using Quicken almost since the first version of the software came out many years ago. Almost every year I upgraded, hoping for an improvement in the software. NO MORE!!!!!! Quicken never seems to fix any of the basic functionality issues and continues to pile on extra useless "features". I can not count the times I have contacted Quicken and spent hours on the phone because somehow my data got "corrupted". I have never had such a corrupted piece of software. And the most corrupt thing is touting the great "new" version every year, charging a rip off price for it and getting nothing but more problems. Just one example: I have many old closed and "hidden" accounts. Yet when I drop down a list of accounts for recording a transfer all the "hidden" accounts that I am no longer using keep showing up, so I have to scroll through a whole list of closed accounts to find the correct account. Quicken's answer to this is to delete the accounts. Of course then I lose all of that accounts history if I need it in the future. I have used the rental version since it first came out and it has been a piece of junk since day one, definitely not worth the extra money for the "rental" version. Also this is not a true double entry accounting system so you have to finagle things if you want your books to balance. I wish Quick Books or Peachtree would come out with a rental property version. OR MAYBE QUICKEN COULD ACTUALLY STREAMLINE THE PRODUCT AND GET IT TO COMPLY WITH ALL THE WINDOWS CONVENTIONS AND ACTUALLY MAKE THE PRODUCT WORK RIGHT INSTEAD OF PILING ON MORE USLESS JUNK.