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  • Connie Power - I've used better products. I don't recommend

    I've used better products. I don't recommend. It improved appearance on things when I wiped it on but by the next day, they looked the same. Disappointed

  • go vegan - doesn't work on kindle 8.9"

    This book doesn't display right on the 8.9 Kindle. The background and the pictures display on the upper left of the screen and the words take up the entire screen. This means that some of the words go over dark places in the upper left of the screen and are unreadable. I also own the original 7" Kindle Fire and the book is fine on that one.

  • Preacher - Lots of energy and it works!

    I'm 36-years-old and have been struggling with some weight gain since getting married to the most beautiful and awesome girl in the world. That said, she's a great cook and I got soggy around the mid-section a bit. I was looking for something to help with weight loss while I got back to the gym. Cellucor products have never, ever let me down. Prior to this, I've used their D4 Shock (thermogenic supplement) and got some results there, but I must've built a slight tolerance to that one. I switched to CLK and stacked it with Cellucor Super HD (more potent, in my opinion, than D4) and the results are awesome already.