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  • Margaret May - Our presidential candidates: good or not good!

    Very current scenario of the way politics is going on in our nation. Wake up call to make sure the candidate I choose is entirely credible. Make sure I vote and encourage others to get out there and vote, too.

  • Kenneth - Junk !!!!!!

    This tablet is infuriating to use. The touchscreen dosent work half the time, apps constantly freezing the battery life is horrible, oh and the charger broke on the second day. Its on its way to the landfill by now. Buy a name brand that you've actually heard of !

  • Gary Krystof - No results

    I was looking for all the great things that the advertisement claimed. Pain in knees and ankle from old injuries and hard use. No such luck... no benefits at all. Wish I would have saved the money.

  • grad2times - Saved my hair!

    I have been natural for over 6 years. My hair would grow but would shed horribly. My hair would only get neck length when stretched. Also, my edges were becoming thin from styles(I thought were protecting my hair ) such as wigs and sew ins. I was tempted to shave all of my hair off and start over again. I have been taking these vitamins for about three months now and wearing protective styles ( styles that are not tight and that allow me to moisturize my hair) I am here to tell you within the first month my hair IMMEDIATELY stop breaking and falling out. My eyelashes have also grown. I did cut around an inch of damaged hair off when I first started taking the pills and my hair has already grown back. I take three pills per day. There is finally hope for my natural hair. I would recommend these vitamins to anyone.