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  • Colby - Not good from the beginning

    The magazine ads show a nice product. A set of "All Weather" mats to protect your car's carpet from the snow, slush and water of bad winter weather. At quick glance in the ads they look great and are described as having great wet and slop retention channels - pictures with clumps of snow, etc. A much closer look and read on-line suggests no high edges on these mats - to retain the melted snow.

  • JeepinPye - Easy Install, Very Effective Product

    Received the product sooner than estimated shipping date. Very sturdy bug shield. I've had it for a couple weeks now and it's made a HUGE difference in the amount of bugs and debris actually hitting my windshield. Install took 5 minutes. I did have to use a couple of screws to attach the shield, which was one of the reasons I chose this product. All other bug shields I could find were installed using sticky tape, not screws. The plastic is thick, but has enough give not to shatter when a rock hits it. Ive had a couple large rock chunks hit the front of the shield, without breaking it. Jeep logo on the shield looks very slick!

  • Joseph Lucero - Great Product/Great Price

    This was a real winner. We received a great product at the best price and it was shipped in a few days.

  • Sheski - Wonderfully done

    With such a gap between books in this series she did an excellent job of keeping the story in line. A person could flawlessly pick up the whole series from the beginning and not feel a shift or notice inconsistencies. I hope we see more from this series.

  • Dotoday - Great preparation material.

    This material contains everything you need to prepare for DAT sciences section. It offers wide variety of multiple choice questions in areas of chemistry and biology as well as a very detailed solution to every problem. This is definitely worth an investment. The most recent version of DAT Destroyer containing is currently available for 149.95

  • Dave F. - let me play with all of what I purchased!

    okay, it's a pretty neat toy with some amazing potential. be prepared though, you have to earn sparks and trinkets to unlock tricks called apps. It is pretty tedious, though I can see the reason for the fun game play to prolong the use time. I would prefer at this price point a way to just open everything so I can play with what I purchased. yes I am into instant gratification. I am 50 years old and just want to have fun with my purchase and show my buddies what I bought. no go! I have played the games (since you have to in order to do anything!) but they get tedious quick. it seems to want a very well lit room to work right and did not like the dining room table with the very average lighting. in the kitchen it seemed to work to recognize me.

  • Becky Staples - My 2 year old loves this juice

    I purchased this apple juice from Mott's for my toddler (he is 2). This juice has a very nice taste without a bunch of added sugars or alternative sweeteners. The bottle is a nice size, 64 ounces, and the bottle lasted my son about 5 days. The apple juice has a nice refreshing taste, and a good way to add some fruits into your little one's diet. The juice has a good quality taste to it, and the bottle is a good durable one with an easy lid to open and close. This juice is very affordable and worth the price, my son loves this juice. The juice isn't tart, and has a nice taste without being overly sweet.