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  • Michael - We both love the program and believe it or not enjoy doing ...

    So, my wife and I started this program and we are in our 7th week. We went through the Alph section and are now in Beta. We have set up a time every night when we get home from work to do our 25 minutes before dinner and before our TV time. We are both in our 50s, we wanted to get some cardio and loss some weight. We both love the program and believe it or not enjoy doing the workout. It is so quick that I sometimes feel like I have been working out for 10 minutes. After the workout I am soaked, just dripping in sweat and really feel like I have had a great workout.

  • Rawim - The Best of Both Worlds

    Despite some minor flaws I am very impressed with this item. Tell me you aren't the only person who has all of the plugs on your bathroom counter full when you are doing your hair and makeup in the morning? I know I do. This product combines a bunch of bathroom tools into one for me.

  • Frank - Best Knife I Own

    I've had a number of multi-tools (Leatherman, Gerber, SOG) and plenty of multi-use knives, but this has the features I use 90% of the time: locking blade, #2 Phillips driver, flat tip, and bottle opener. It is light and relatively compact. Multi-tools are heavier and bulkier and my other knives are only great knives, but I'm always needing a real #2 Phillips. This one fits the bill perfect. The poly handle keeps the weight down, and it stays cool to the touch when it sits in the sun. This is the most compact knife I found that has a one handed opening knife, a real #2 Phillips, flat head driver, and bottle opener. The following can be opened AND closed with one hand (if righthanded): the knife blade, Phillips head screw driver, and bottle opener/ carabiner. Making the Philips head one hand capable was a smart choice, as that is the screw driver I use the most around the house and car. I've never owned a multi-tool or knife that had those tools one hand capable.

  • Juno17 - Does not connect to bluetooth headphones - look for another device.

    It takes forever to get it to connect to my headphones. Per other reviews, this seems to be a common problem. I had to go back to wired headphones as this product is so unpredictable to connect. I have excellent headphones so this is clearly a problem with this device. My headphones work with other bluetooth connections. I wish I could return this product. BTW- This is my first bad review of a product on Amazon ever.

  • Darla S - Wonderful se of shears. You'll be prepared for deadheading and pruning.

    I love spring and summer so that I can get in my garden and play. Deadheading flowers and weeding are very therapeutic for me – my husband thinks I’m crazy :-D. Because of where we live, I do most of my gardening in containers since it’s easier to maintain and keep everything updated. The problem with everything being so constrained in a planter is that if you don’t do regular upkeep – you can really tell it and your plants start looking pretty scraggly. For the serious gardener, your small pruning shears are your most important tools in your bag.

  • MrRobotAddict - Excellent pasta maker, especially for 1 or 2 servings

    This pasta cooker is best for 1 or 2 servings, but it will also do up to 4. The markings are clear and easy to use, so you don't need to consult any other measuring device. Circles on the bottom of the container show the amounts for pasta and lines on the end interior wall show the water levels, so set up is easy. Then you place the sturdy container into the microwave and set the time. When doing larger amounts of pasta, we have found a lot of condensation on the interior walls of the microwave, so we place a towel beneath the pasta maker to capture some of that mess and it works very well. Pouring the boiling water from the pasta cooker down the drain is easiest when you've cooked a smaller number of servings. But it is doable when you've cooked the maximum. The "cooker" is sturdy and easy to clean. Now we have pasta much more often since we don't have to go through the fairly time-consuming process of boiling large amounts of water before the real cooking process even starts. Highly recommended!

  • Anonmymous - So So

    I used another product 1st for nearly a year and then switched to this one. I think this is working better, hair growth has been reduced but not eliminated. The refill cost is proving to be a bit cumbersome. All in all with time and money spent I might have been better off having it professionally done.