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  • Amazon Customer - Most comfortable seat for tall tots (and no head slump)

    Love, love! Had many carseats and these are close to perfect. Great removable fabric that breathes well and doesn't overheat in summer. The straps are comfy and glide smoothly. Our boys are tall and the fit is great. You can also get a great recline in the forward position to prevent head slump. The head rest is also narrow enough to support the sleeping tot without being to tight on each side. I cannot say enough about how plush this is. I hear it is the same seat as the Safety 1st seats. I can see that it is a similar frame and seat strap/buckle, because we have a safety 1st seat like this, but the plushness is not the same. These are way more cushioned and worth the money. My only complaint is the buckle is too close to the body. There is a cover over the buckle which helps, but I wish you could adjust it to be further out.

  • Malcapo - Excellent Product, superior to anything you can buy in the store

    Professional level products. Home cleaning products are very tricky because the EPA has rendered many household formulas worthless by forcing the manufacturer to take key ingredients out. Holloway House makes great products that perform better than anything else for the money

  • John Carter - and was not disappointed. Like every OtterBox that I've owned

    This was not the first case I bought for my fancy new iPhone 7. I first tried to cheap out with the Spigen Tough Armor case for $15. It was tough alright, tough on my hands. The thing was razor sharp on the edges and awful all the way around. So I came back to my trusty OtterBox, and was not disappointed.

  • Constance Chappell - Happy with my scores

    I am returning to grad school next year after a long hiatus from any kind of formal education (I received my undergraduate degree in 1991) so although I generally have been pretty successful with standardized tests, I was a little nervous about the GRE, in particular about the quantitative analysis portion. I haven't had a math class in over 25 years, since I majored in literature and communications as an undergrad, and was in an honors curriculum which allowed me write papers about math instead of taking a "real" math class.

  • Crystal Brown - Loved it

    I love the whole series but why did my man almost die. I was hurt I wanted to kill Robert And Macy my self another great book.

  • GlitterChick - Great To Eliminate Belly Bloat!

    I was attracted at first to the promise of losing 10 lbs in two days, but I also know that it is not possible to lose that much fat in that short of a time period. The juice tasted good and surprisingly I did not feel hungry on the first day! I also drank plenty of water with it. I just craved my favorite foods!! By the end of the first day I had lost 6 lbs, and I felt great! I was proud for sticking to the diet. But I also know that the weight I lost was water weight, not fat. Nevertheless, my clothes fit better because I retain fluid easily and my belly always feels bloated. This product eliminated that. I use this now if I will be going out or want to look and feel a little slimmer. BEWARE: I would not recommend doing this more than one day, because it is only 400 calories. The next morning I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach because my body needed calories to function. If you buy this, just remember that you are not losing several lbs of fat, but mostly water! For me it was great motivation to continue my Weight Watchers diet because I saw a lower number on the scale! The mind is a funny thing. :) I hope someone finds this helpful!