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  • Kim Hargrove - but I'm sure it will be perfect.

    I've ordered for a Christmas gift, so it won't get played wirh for another couole of months, but I'm sure it will be perfect.

  • I. Gurin - Thought-provoking

    Attempts to discern hidden motives behind Obama's behavior. Provocative but well-reasoned. Gets four stars instead of five for a brief sensationalist segment toward the end.

  • Johnny - It's a bodice-ripper and a romance

    Somewhat disappointing. The crime solver in this thriller is beautiful and perfect in every way (so much one wonders if Patterson helped with her perfect female description.) She's petite, smart, a doctor, does charity work, is a gymnast and most likely every straight mans' dream The heroine works on solving murders and (gasp) is a target for murder herself. A big, string, impossibly good looking man may have committed the murders but it's hard for a dentist/gymnast to keep her panties on around him. The book delves into romaqnce and bheeeeeh. Wish the author would have stuck with a thriller instead of trying for a bodice-ripper.