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  • VampireLibrarian - Just Dance 2015

    Kids play it as much as they can. I see it as lots of fun and some exercise for when they can't go outside because of the weather.

  • david jeffers - its great so buy it, you deserve it and its not expensive

    great value and great product i wont expecting it to be so nice but its great, talks clear on calls, its nice

  • Deborah Garland - I highly recommend this book

    This book is very helpful for the first time writer. Any aspiring writer will benefit from reading this book, even if you are not writing for children.

  • John W. Miller - Cozmo is cool and it will just get better

    Cozmo is an evolving product. He gains abilities as time goes on. I had to make the first wifi connection manually but as updates come more content will be added and any issues will get software fixes. He is so cute and personable

  • Ella Roberts - So far it has been good. I need at least six months to really ...

    So far it has been good. I need at least six months to really see the results. I do see new growth , and the itchy scalp is under control.

  • Amy G - Got a good score first time around with this book

    Well, studying this book and using its online components truly prepared me for the GRE. I completed 3 (out of 6) of their online practice tests that came with the book. The first test gave me a good idea of where I was and on the second test I actually did worse, but the third attempt gave me my best practice score. They also have a neat option where, if you don't want to take a whole 4 hour practice test, you can just do 20-30 practice questions on verbal/quantitative. It's not really timed but it tells you when you begin that you have 30/35 minutes to do the section. It looks like verbal/quantitative sections that are on the actual test without going through the WHOLE test. Once you're done, it'll give you a score. Then you can choose to retake that same section or go on to another practice section. The practice problems in the book were also good and the explanations were easy to understand. It recommends that you start studying 3 months before taking the GRE Unfortunately, I could only allot 1 month of time to study for the GRE, but the score on the verbal & quantitative sections were actually better than what the graduate programs that I'm applying to required. The only negative feedback that I have for this book is that I wish that they had a way of scoring your practice essays. They give you practice essays to do in the book, but you don't receive any feedback on it. I wish I had gotten a better score on the Analytical section and I think I would have made a better score if they had a way of grading your practice essays. I found it to be a great study book except for the essay portion simply because there is no grading for the practice essays.

  • Robokeith - STILL without power after Hurricane Sandy and this generator is saving the day!

    I saw the news reports about Hurricane Sandy coming and I One-Clicked this generator. We were without power for a week last year at this time due to a freak storm and I didn't want to suffer again. This generator is performing beautifully. I changed the oil after the first few tanks of gas and changed it again just now. After 6 days of constant running - getting me an incredible 18 - 20 hours of use powering a big fridge, Xbox and small TV for the kids, a couple lights, wireless router and a couple laptops - it has been flawless. Pretty quiet, inexpensive, seems to be nicely made and its keeping me . I love this thing!