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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • mustardm - Great software

    This is a fantastic resource for designing a new house. The 3D capabilities are wonderful for visualizing the space. I used an older version previously, and the newer version is also great.

  • Michael Lloyd - Excellent product

    My wireless gateway arrived today two days earlier than expected. I was pleasantly surprised that I had it installed, activated and configured for both Ethernet and wireless networking in less than 10 minutes. Upon opening a browser, it automatically went to the Comcast activation page where it was automatically activated.

  • W. COOl - Beautiful, But Broken

    I received my Swarovski 2013 Star Ornament in a timely fashion, and it looked beautiful, but when I took it out of the protective box, it was broken into 3 pieces. I returned it to Amazon with no problems. I had wanted to do an exchange, but it was out of stock at the time, and now I see they have some for about $8 more.

  • arty9 - Avast Free is a scam people! Don't waste your time.

    I don't know if they have changed this software recently, and the great reviews people are giving are based off an earlier version that was much better, or if the reviews are fake. But I do know for sure, this free 2015 software is crap!! If there was a zero star I would give it that! So, I wasn't expecting much given the fact that it is free, but it was much worse than even my really low expectations. If you download this, nearly EVERY feature it has is not usable unless you buy an upgraded version. Even the basic firewall wasn't working unless I paid!! Really? A basic firewall you couldn't even give me that? ALSO it has an option to scan your router to make sure its secure, and it popped up with this message saying my router has been compromised/hacked and its a huge security threat. I was skeptical (given the fact that immediately below this message is another one saying I can solve this problem and keep myself safe by buying such and such on their paid version, blah blah. How convenient right?) But I was still freaked out, called my computer geek buddy to double check this, to see if my router had really been hacked. After thoroughly checking it out he said everything was fine and they were just trying to to scare me into buying their paid services. So I uninstalled this SCAM from my computer and have gone with paid software from another company.

  • Raju - No DVD, photo-copy instructions.

    Bought this after seeing the Shark Tank episode. It came with the board and a one page photo-copy of some exercises. The copy quality was quite bad and barely readable. No DVD.

  • Denise - Excellent Product and Some Suggestions

    I just added this into a more potent "kill candida" regime I've been on. I've been battling candida off and on for close to twenty-something years. As we all know, it flares up over and over....saying that to say, one thing I'm noticing about people that are newer to the world of killing candida. One product or approach simply will NOT beat candida. It simply won't happen. I'm taking a very powerful anti-candida product, along with this, along with probiotics, along with olive leaf extract. I'm having the best results taking ALL of these products, not just this one. Any major negative reactions could be die-off, and it could be that you have to start with a different product at very low doses, and work your way up. Diet changes are massively important as well, though I have not any bad reactions while eating whole grains, beans, etc.....(many anti-candida diet plans eliminate complex carbs completely). I am strictly limiting fruit, though. I did notice an immediate difference in my candida symptoms when I started taking this product, which pleases me immensely! The "cocktail" of stuff I'm taking is a lot...both in terms of finances and just remembering to take it all, but it's worth it. Candida has been a great contributor of major health concerns and I am going to take this shotgun approach and make every effort to rid myself of this beast once and for all.