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    Nice US soccer jersey that was worn by both the men's and women's teams during the 2012 season. Great price, and nice stitching with the US soccer crest! Great for the soccer fan in your family!

  • Jennifer N. Locklear - Awful

    I was pregnant with my first child & used this product religiously with no results. I am now treating extensive stretch marks that this product failed to help prevent.

  • Douglas Carlton - Security is fine but Outlook hangs up.

    The software seems to work better then the free Microsoft Security Essentuals however, it seems to hang up my Outlook 2010 at each download. I am unable to browse within the mail until it completes the download from my server. Until it speeds up, I would not recommend this product to my friend. I would like to see how it performs in an office environment.

  • Jack Clompett - ooo shiny

    I used these on some KLH 17 speaker boxes and they look awesome now. This stuff really works. Maybe not as thoroughly as a full strip and re-finish job, but I'm super happy with it. Really brought the depth and warmth back to my vintage speaker boxes.

  • D. Williams - Did absolutely nothing

    This product did absolutely nothing for me. I don't understand the 30 day money-back guarantee. If you have a product that takes 90 days to work, it should have a 90 day guarantee. Within 2 weeks, saw no improvement, so read the directions and it indicated I should double the dosage. I took double the dose for the next 3 weeks and still did not see the abatement of one single symptoms. Hot flashes were terrible, depression, mood swings, could not sleep or focus. With taking a double dosage, my supply ran out before the 90 days did and I contacted the company. They could only return my money if I had an unopened box (30 day supply) to return. So I was out of luck because I followed their instructions and took the entire supply (with so much hope that this product would actually help me). They offered to allow me to try another 90 days for 50% off - but that just delays some real relief to my symptoms - so no thank you. They wouldn't back up their product, they just tried to talk me into buying another supply!

  • Tobi - 8 Bad reviews of of 9????????????

    With that many really bad reviews - 8 out of 9 - I will do something with my upgrade notice from Hallmark that I would never have done before reading the reviews -

  • kim henderson - confused!

    I'm on my second bottle of cellfood and I honestly can't say whether it's working or not.I'm am not sure what the cutoff time should be. I have surpassed the"detox" period as I have been on it for a few months. I can't say I have noticed anything different in my energy levels as so many people state in their reviews.I am confused when researching the honesty of the claims by the inventor- is/was it the same product as a drain cleaner?If it does what it claims(or what people are claiming), why did the inventor die of a long standing illness in his early 70's? My hair actually became quite brittle after taking it and I wrote to the company asking if it was a side effect. The reply was very helpful and he took time to write it(no, not a side effect he had heard of). So, I realized I was not taking the actual dose suggested, and upped the dose(hair got better).Again,knowing things take time to work,still on it, but I can't report anything!It also states it kills ecoli on contact, why isn't it everywhere and used in every hospital?