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  • Roxy "chi-town" - It still works

    This is great for the price and value the only problem my son is having with it is that he only gets about half an hour worth of music playing time, which can be frustrating other than that works

  • Nadia Elisian - More hair loss with hair essentials

    I have been taking them for two weeks and I noticed I am losing more hair. I was shedding hair excessively, the moment I stopped taking them my hair stopped falling out as much, but now my thin hair is even more so. I wish it worked for me like the others, but on to the next now

  • Douglas Quaid - Full HD Screen with LAN/HDMI/VGA and very portable on the cheap. Great for RDP.

    EDIT: Just doubled the RAM to 8GB using this:

  • resdon3 - I am not a distributor but I thought it was a great product.

    I lost several inches using the body wraps. However, if you don't use them correctly the wraps will not be effective. First of all you have to drink lots of water it helps keep you hydrated and gets the toxins out of your body. Secondly, before applying the wrap, I use witch hazel in the area where I am applying the wrap. Witch hazel opens up the pores and allows for the product to get into your system. When you wrap the most benefit is going to come from using a full treatment which is 4 wraps. The first time I wrapped I didn't see any results, I was at a wrap party drinking wine and eating nachos... so there you go. I did three more wraps and followed the protocal and lost several inches. People need to remember that the wraps tighten and firm but its supposed to go along with healthy eating and exercise. The reason I give the product 4 stars and not 5 is because I wished the results lasted longer. I am not a distributor but I thought it was a great product.

  • Frank Z. - Nero 9 had better features. Nero 2016 is OK but would not ...

    Nero 9 had better features. Nero 2016 is OK but would not recommend purchasing the program. At this very moment, I am downloading Nero 9 back onto my computer.